Hey everyone! I've been neglecting Polyvore lately because of school (blech) but I'm trying to be on more often!

I'm thinking about starting a fashion blog where I'll post outfit ideas, inspiration, etc. What do you think? Should I do it?

Anyways here's a list of some of my favorite fall pieces. This is inspired by @katrinaballerina and @shabnam and others who have posted lists about fall fashion. Enjoy!

1. Quilted vest/jacket: These are perfect for those days when the weather is in-between. My favorites are from J. Crew.
2. Snoods: Great for accessorizing a plain shirt on a chill day!
3. Long cardigans: These go especially well with leggings and a pair of boots, so it's good to have a couple different colors in your closet.
4. Brocade dresses: So luxe and pretty! This is the fall or winter “go-to” party dress.
5. Chino pants: in khaki, neutrals, brights, and pastels, these are a great starting block for any outfit.
6. Rugby shirts: A perfect casual preppy top. Pair with jeans and ballet flats to dress up the look.
7. Pullover sweaters: Cozy, comfy, and cute :)
8. Riding boots: I LOVE these shoes! Even if you're having a lazy day, you can still tuck them in to make a great outfit.
9. Flannels: These are so soft and class. Flannel Fridays, anyone?
10. Corduroy pants: Timeless and chic.
11. Thick leather belt: This makes a simple outfit look so much more sophisticated, and you can get them pretty much anywhere, too!
12. Gem jewelry: Even though rings, earring and necklaces in colors like amethyst, topaz, sapphire, and oxblood can look expensive, you can get them for cheap at Forever 21.
13. Tweed skirts: This piece is so classic and goes great with tights and riding boots.

&that's it! Of course I have more things that I wear (I mean come on fall is my favorite season) but those were just the basics:)
d r e a m l a n d ♥ polyvore support group!

d r e a m l a n d ♥ polyvore support group!

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The Classiest of Them All. ♥

The Classiest of Them All. ♥

Hi everyone! I am the new moderator for this group! Just to let everyone in the group know, even though the majority of sets in this group are fashion themed sets, sets based on art, interior design, and make-up are allowed as well.

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