Hey everyone! I've been neglecting Polyvore lately because of school (blech) but I'm trying to be on more often!

I'm thinking about starting a fashion blog where I'll post outfit ideas, inspiration, etc. What do you think? Should I do it?

Anyways here's a list of some of my favorite fall pieces. This is inspired by @katrinaballerina and @shabnam and others who have posted lists about fall fashion. Enjoy!

1. Quilted vest/jacket: These are perfect for those days when the weather is in-between. My favorites are from J. Crew.
2. Snoods: Great for accessorizing a plain shirt on a chill day!
3. Long cardigans: These go especially well with leggings and a pair of boots, so it's good to have a couple different colors in your closet.
4. Brocade dresses: So luxe and pretty! This is the fall or winter “go-to” party dress.
5. Chino pants: in khaki, neutrals, brights, and pastels, these are a great starting block for any outfit.
6. Rugby shirts: A perfect casual preppy top. Pair with jeans and ballet flats to dress up the look.
7. Pullover sweaters: Cozy, comfy, and cute :)
8. Riding boots: I LOVE these shoes! Even if you're having a lazy day, you can still tuck them in to make a great outfit.
9. Flannels: These are so soft and class. Flannel Fridays, anyone?
10. Corduroy pants: Timeless and chic.
11. Thick leather belt: This makes a simple outfit look so much more sophisticated, and you can get them pretty much anywhere, too!
12. Gem jewelry: Even though rings, earring and necklaces in colors like amethyst, topaz, sapphire, and oxblood can look expensive, you can get them for cheap at Forever 21.
13. Tweed skirts: This piece is so classic and goes great with tights and riding boots.

&that's it! Of course I have more things that I wear (I mean come on fall is my favorite season) but those were just the basics:)
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