I actually really love this set, so much it's like insanity. My sets have taken like a more, I want to say, editorial?, approach now. It works for me despite my utter lack of fashion sense. I'm surprised by myself quite often actually. This gorgeous layout inspired by and dedicated to @fashioneaters. I can't keep straight how many amazing people there are for me to love! Speaking of love, I'm going to leave @sophiaspastic to wonder why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks Hanna Marin is Kristina Romanova.

--- ☽♕☾ ---

LIKES; shopping, dieting, diane von furstenberg, starbucks, aromatherapy, pedicures, being the queen, sean ackard, mona vanderwaal, getting things for, er.... free, tiffany's, rive gauche, fashion, her miniature pincher named dot, qvc, rosewood boys, sushi, sex, noel kahn's parties, candy, all american boys, boys of any kind, dying her roots, stilettos.

DISLIKES; being reminded of the past, coming in second, her father’s new wife and stepdaughter, feeling fat, volunteering, wannabes, freshmen, spandex, school uniforms, fried food, virginity pledges, the jenna thing, fashion faux-paws, teen vogue.

BIO; shallow. spend ten minutes with hanna marin and you'll be convinced she is. she could spend hours talking about clothes and boys and parties. because that's what she knows best. when she was younger, fatter, more of a social outcast, alison took her in. and by the time alison died, she had changed. silky hair, glowing skin, and a need for perfection. she has a finger down her throat near constantly, or a bottle of laxatives waiting to be swallowed. but it's paid off for her. she's not a fat fat fatty. it had to be done. now, she's hosting the hottest parties, dating the hottest guys, and her body? scorching. it's practically a miracle what's happened to hanna, but, well, miraculous things come easily to her. be it alison's improbable death or her step-sister's re-emergence. and with such peculiar things happening under her watch, it's a wonder she has no secrets darker than how she lost the weight. or does she?

NEVER WITHOUT; mona, her blackberry, cigarettes, laxatives, an auburn root touch-up pen, three credit cards, sunglasses.

MODEL; kristina romanova

Chances are, due to the television show, you probably think of Hanna Marin as a well tailored blonde. Even before the television show I certainly pictured her blonde. However, in the books, her hair is auburn. Auburn is a sort of dark reddish color. Kristina Romanova does not have auburn hair (well, not in this picture anyway). And why is this? I can give you that college paper summary now. I was initially drawn by my want for a dark haired model: Hanna is is a very dark character. Too me, the darkest (without regard to Alison). And then, of course, the fact that dark hair is both ordinary and extraordinary. It is ordinary in that brunette hair is a dominant gene, and therefore more common, and uncommon in the shade. Hanna Marin is common in her secret, an eating disorder, and shoplifting, and uncommon in her experiences. So when I found the picture of Kristina Romanova in the set, it was a lightbulb moment for me. Her eyes are wide and innocent, which, truly, despite all she's been through, is what Hanna is. And then there's the symbolism of the red cloak which immediately conjures the image of Little Red Riding Hood. The original versions of the story, Little Red was a highly sexualized character, the red representing the blood of womanhood: a period, losing the virginity, et cetera. I want my Hanna even darker than the books and television series portray her- I want her the new Little Red Riding Hood.

--- ☽♕☾ ---

"Fatty." It came from somewhere inside my head, a bitter voice, malicious and unrelenting in its taunting. The mirror gleamed back at me, reflecting the girl in the violently red bikini. She was me. Her hip bones peeked out, and her ribs were soft shadows under her skin. I'd somehow lost more weight. I frowned, shoving the voice away. I had stopped a year ago. Hadn't I? I swallowed, shoving myself into the shorts I had laid out on my bed, throwing on a white button up, white and virginal. My bikini peeked through, and it looked peculiar. Like I was bleeding.

"Hanna! B-tch, come on!" I couldn't help but laugh at that, bounding over to my window to wave down at Mona, standing impatiently on the sidewalk. "Wait a second, b-tch!" I yelled back, smirking. She gave me a glare that said 'we don't have all day'.

I turned back to my nautical tote bag, shoving in a few things I'd need, and kissing Dot's little head, where she lay on my bed. "Bye boo, I'll be back, don't get into trouble, okay?" She stared back at me with her soft, warm eyes, and I kissed her again. 

I walked into the bathroom and stuffed a fluffy white towel in my tote, then turned to face the mirror. It was far wider than the one in my room, the width of the entire wall. I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail and then slipped on my sunglasses. Go time. Mona would be waiting with the car, and we would go to the country club. We would tan. Order drinks. Flirt. It was the perfect summer day. 

I went back into my room to get my phone, when the tv behind me suddenly blared. I frowned. It wasn't on QVC still? I had picked up the remote to turn it off when the flashing banner on the news started. 'Alison di Laurentis found.' My heart skipped a beat. Mona's car honked. "Hanna!"

"Missing Rosewood girl Alison di Laurentis has been found. She was announced DOA at the scene. We come to you live from the young girl's back yard, where she was found..." I felt the panic rising up inside me, crushing me like a bug. 

Alison di Laurentis was dead. And I had caused it.

--- ☽♕☾ ---


--- ☽♕☾ ---

♕Hanna Marin (Kristina Romanova)
♕Hanna Marin (Kristina Romanova)
♕Hanna Marin (Kristina Romanova)

I'm messing with you, I'm sure I can live with a character other than Hanna, any other really. Just not Mona please and thank you.

--- ☽♕☾ ---

I think I should be chosen because I have a genuine plan for Hanna. I'm not choosing her for the fact she is a Liar, I'm choosing her for the fact she has so much I can do to her. I said it earlier, I want her my own Little Red- the darkest one imaginable. And as to my experience with the books and series, I've read through the sixth book and I got the rest from my friend; and as far as the television series, I'm current. But really the choice is only yours.
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