btw. once i'm back on full time i'll be making a trillion sets with those pics. :D i love this photoshoot soooooo much. she looks stunning.

so i have the fearless tour at MSG tomorrow and i'm full on freaking out. so excited!!! i can't even describe how i feel right now. there are no words.

and then the next day (bc my friend messed up) i'm going again and then i'll be at mohegan sun for the weekend. so i'll be back mondayish for real. 

i can't belive it's finally here. i've been counting off the days for months now. since like january when the tour dates were announced. this is just surreal.

i've watched taylor grow as an artist from a girl doing her first live performance infront of a big audience at the cma fest in 06 and now she's at madison square. it's just amazing to me how far she's come. she's worked so hard and i'm just so proud. from a girl sitting in her bedroom and writing songs and playing them for her parents to writing songs in her bedroom and performing them for 20 thousand plus every's just ahhh to me. i'm so insanely proud of her and this is just so surreal. 

i can't believe its actually here. 

and gloriana. i've loved them for a long time now and to see them is going to be amazing too. i'm so proud of them also. :D less that 24 hours.

i'm gonna get no sleep tonight because i'm too excited.

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