Fearless Taylor Swift Fans!

Fearless Taylor Swift Fans!
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This group is for any Taylor Swift fans that would like to add their sets and when we get enough members, we will have contests!!
Established 8/16/09
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"I just wanted to take time to say, I love your Taylor Swift group! It's my favorite group!! I ah-dore it. And your sets! When I found out that Taylor Swift new album 'Speak Now' is comming out soon, I practically fainted! TRUE. TAYLOR. FAN. LOL. Anyways, thanks for your group, it's the most amazing out of them all!!

Darcy Juliet."

"I would say this group is the best Taylor Swift group on Polyvore.I LOVE this group and it's contests." from: &-Odaly:):)

"It's by far my favorite Taylor Swift group on Polyvore, and the contests are always so fun! I always get really into the contests and it's so cool when I actually place! I think it's really awesome that there's a group for all these Taylor fans to join and just have fun on Polyvore. Thanks for making that possible. (:" from: never-look-back

"I love your group!! It's awesome. I found a lot of Taylor sets I love, and I connected with some Taylor fans! Best Taylor group on Polyvore! L.O.V.E. it." from: ★shpgirl★

"i loove this group espesially the contests there reallyyy wawesome... and FUN!!! I liked the one about taylors fav things it was reallyyy fun to make!! I cant wait for more contests!!!" from: xxiluvbluexx12

i love this group it is my favorite group in the entire polyvore it has the best contests they are so much fun. i love to make things for the contests even if i dont win its still real fun to make things for the contests! From, xxgreenlover11xx

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