I used to not like John Mayer. Not just because of his music. I used to hate him on a personal level. I know, that seems quite impossible, seeing that I didn't know him on a personal level. But like any other self indulgent person, I took my opinion as a fact and that was the way things were. 
Now, as I've grown and changed as a person, my ideas about life are different. My opinion is probably as easily swayed as ever. People deserve second looks and second chances. 
I read an interview with him that came across as really genuine and down to earth. His ego seemed relatively normal-sized. Not douchey like the magazines and my own self had me deluded into thinking. Maybe he does have the Hollywood player label down, but I can understand why. He seems like the kind of person you could open up to, and have a real conversation with. I still don't see any element of genius in his music, but I can be persuaded to agree to disagree. That's a different topic though, for another time. 
People should be allowed second judgments. Usually they are more accurate than the first time around. If we trust our opinions about people based on looks or first impressions, most often we are sorely disappointed. Not just because you have missed out on the opportunity to meet another fabulous human, but that you have traded up someone who you could have got on wonderfully with, for someone with an ugly personality. 

However, that's the name of the game we call life. Russian Roulette anyone? Oh wait...

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