February in Review

The good, the bad, the must-repeat. Some weekend outfits skipped (picture: t-shirt and boy jeans). Doing January's review really helped me pick outfits for February - I avoided several problems that I've repeated a lot in the past!
  • OOTD
    "This tee is too short for me, sadly. I have a long, long torso, and it just pops up. Another one I'll have to either get rid of, or wear only with higher waisted bottoms." — @bosanbo
  • OOTDinner
    "Love everything about this outfit." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD: Easy
    "Loved this. Tight high bun, red lips, bare face, man's sweater. This is how I like to feel." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD
    "Layering this sweater over a tank solves my "pop up" problem. I do need to stop wearing my Docs to work, though. I think I need a nicer pair of black ankle boots." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD - Better
    "Loved this outfit. What more can I say? I need to not forgot how much I like this top." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD: Graphic
    "All graphic, all the time. Cute but felt a little overdone." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD
    "This skirt is hard to coordinate with items, because it has an odd cool gray tone to it. I still like it, though, and it looks good with denim or chambray." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD: Angry Birds
    "This worked to tone down the "sweetness" of the sweater. The only thing I am not fond of is the boots... they're really saggy and hit at the wrong place on my calves. I've had them for almost two years and it's time to start looking for a replacement that is more flattering." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 02/13/13: Goo Hoarding
    "I love this tee peeking out from under a neutral sweater. I like this outfit in general, but again, it's getting to be time to look for new boots that hit at a more flattering height on me." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 02/14/13
    "What's not to love? These earrings are always so cute." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 02/15/13: For Lent
    "A little too warm for a day in the 70's, but only when I took a brisk walk in the sun. Bootcut jeans with sneakers = BAD, though!" — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 02/16/13: Red and Yellow
    "Very comfy, love the sweater, and absolutely love my stack of red bracelets. I can't wear them like this to work because I type all day." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 02/19/13
    "Love my new gray jeans, love this outfit." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 02/20/13
    "Gray jeans, still being wonderful. This outfit was a little too boxy on top, but I was snug and warm." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD: Guess what?! (news)
    "A printed Tippi and skinny jeans = most repeatable outfit ever. Also, Ecco shoes are ridiculously comfortable; I went in seeking black ankle boots and walked out with a pair, as well as these sneakers. They are the best. They fit like a cushy glove and don't make my feet look fat and stupid like so many sneakers tend to do." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 02/25/13
    "Trying out all the tricks I learned in "Paris Street Style": ankles unzipped a bit to show socks and boots, very cute. I like the balance of black in this outfit, too." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD: Red Scarf
    "I really liked this outfit." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD
    "A winner - this cropped cardigan keeps my waist defined even when I'm wearing a longer shirt. I'll have to remember that trick!" — @bosanbo
  • OOTD: Fate
    "I liked both these outfits... LOL. Looking forward to wearing my striped sweater again on a day when I don't spill on myself first thing!" — @bosanbo

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