Hey!! omg i feel like I haven't been on in a while even though it's only been like 5 days.. c:
and now I'm going to be gone for a week )':
I'm going on a trip with the lovely @caitlinsmiles <33333 
I'll have my ipad with me so if you guys need anything or just wanna talk you can pm me! :)
Byeee, Maya xx


Wrote three years ago
beautiful set!

Wrote three years ago
well duuuuuhhh XD lol he totally was ; )
and ya i started it .. its kinda lamer than i remembered so im hoping for it to get better as it goes along XD

Wrote three years ago
@caitlinsmiles YES YES WE DID. especially when you know who was TOTALLY checking us out! Haha. Love you tooo <3333 And did you start reading the book I gave you?! xD
@nerdychic-xx Aww, Thank you so much! (: ♥

Wrote three years ago
outstanding set!

Wrote three years ago
the good times we had on our road trip eh ? XD
lol it was so utterly funny XD XD luv ya <3

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