LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!
and I really like this set &hearts

Anyways, I'm kinda depressed right now. 
Our school is going WAY downhill, it's seriously crumbling. 
Our budget got voted down and the board of ed is making cuts. 
Well, now there is a Town Meeting tonight and they are probably going to take away ANOTHER 3.5 MILLION!
And supposedly are going to cut all clubs and extracurriculars and all sports except for Football and Girls Basketball. But there is no Freshman, JV, or Varsity teams, just one team. Meaning my chance of making it is slim to none. Also, you need extracurriculars to get into an Ivy League college. 
And they are cutting 5O teachers!

Also, there were two fights. 
One was between two girls. 
The one, with her friends, were talking crap about the other girl and finally starting fighting with her. The other girl tried to defend herself. The first girl got suspended but idk what happened to the second. 

And also, apparently two guys followed a girl into the woods and started beating her up. I don't know much about this one, though. 

Messed up, huh??
I really wanna transfer schools...

1OO% by Me!
Do NOT Steal!
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