with ur love // cher lloyd ft. mike posner.

i want those shoes, oh my goddd. oh, and they are from www.lebunnybleu.com, so check them out :)

i'm having this slight obsessed with cher lloyd lately.

holy sh-t, i just realized i hit 80K. wtf. something must be wrong. 


sima, ebt. 
no event, but school day.

I skipped down the stairs of my house, humming an old Coldplay song. Just as I hit the ground floor, a body blocked my path. Glancing up, the dirty smile of Bernard, my mother's boyfriend, shone at me. I winced, walking back up a step. 

"Move." I commanded, fire seeping through my words.

"Make me." He said, a slimy smile forming on this lips.

"You're disgusting." I narrowed my eyes. He reached over quickly, and grabbed my arm.

"And you like it," He winked. I wanted to scream. But I lurched out of his grasp, and pushed him out of the way, feeling the urge to take a bath and wash his disgusting touch out off my body. 

I wandered into the kitchen, shuddering from his touch. Yanking open the fridge, I pulled out an egg from the carton, and oil from the counter. Pouring some in a pan, I put it back, and cracked open the egg. 

"Hey baby girl," My mother crooned, walking in. I didn't reply, just continued to scramblescramblescramble. I knew I had to tell my mother about how Bernard was being weird, so I turned off the heat, and spun around. Parting my mouth, I couldn't speak, dust balls just rolled out. And at that moment, /he/, walked in. 

"Bernard!" My mother squealed, wrapping her arms around him, and kissing him. I wanted to barf all over the freshly cleaned floors. Instead I turned around, and shoveled my egg on a plate, burning my fingers in the process. I ate, still turned around, next to the stove, not wanting to meet their eyes. 

After, I put the pan and plate in the dishwasher, and turned around, ready to walk, wait, /run/, out the door. Instead, I caught Bernard staring at me, looking me up and down like prey. I felt my breakfast starting to come up. I hurried out the door. 

Hoping into my car, I zoomed off, my stomach churning as all these emotions - angry, sad, nervous - bubbled inside my body like a fresh carton of champagne. 


Walking into school, I want to punch a wall or something, that's how much I was angry at my mother for actually /loving/ that disgusting pervert, and for Bernard for being a weirdo.

"Hey Simaaaa." Ben trailed off, then looking down at my outfit. "What the fu-k are you wearing...." He snickered, taking in my /patterned/ shorts. Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead in these things my mother bought for me, but today- I didn't give a flying fu-k.

"Just shut the fu-k up Ben." I spat, walking away slowly.

"Jesus, chill. It was a joke." He put up his hands in defense, jerking back a bit.

"Yeah, well do you see me laughing?" I shot him a nasty glare, before turning back around and storming off.

The tears started falling right about... now. 

Then it was like rain fall. I covered my face with my hands as fast as possible, and ran out the door to the lawn, thankful that there were only a few students scattered around.

Sitting with my back against the world, I leaned against a tree, wiping my eyes. 

"Are you okay?" I heard someone say to me. Wiping away those last tears, I looked up, ready to lash out. Niko, that guy I always see, was staring at me, concern pooling in his eyes.

"Does it look like I'm okay?" I snapped. I instantly felt bad when he looked down.

"Sorry. Today's been rough." 

"It's fine," He managed a weak smile, and sat down slightly beside me, about two feet between us.

"Anything you want to talk about?" He asked, turning to me.

I sniffed. I knew if I opened my mouth, everything would tumble out in masses, and I could never stop until my entire life history spilled out. I turned to Niko, his warm eyes and concerned face making butterflies in my stomach. His face just made me want to tell him everything.

So I did. I unbuckled my lips, and unclasped my teeth, only to share my biggest fears, my deepest thoughts, and everything I kept bottled up inside of me. And you know what? It felt absolutely amazing... so refreshing.

His mouth was agape a bit, and I crumpled my face into my hands. "You probably think I'm a mess." I mumbled.

"Not at all." His warm hand met my arm, and I looked up smiling. I put my hand in his, and squeezed it. He looked a bit shocked and nervous for some reason. I obviously knew why, but I didn't want to break the moment.

So I stood up, bringing him up with me. I threw my arms around him, and hugged him. It took him a few seconds to react, before he hugged me back. Leaning back and looking him in the eye, I quickly kissed his cheek. "Thank you" I smiled, before grabbing my bag on the floor, and walking away.

"For what?" He called back.

"Everything," I said to myself, grinning. 

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love your style....

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Ooh la la, coffee date?
We obviously have some catching up to do.
You looked down, hope everything's okay!

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Wrote 5 years ago
that is so adorbs



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