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So here's the thing I had this character Ana Harper I wrote a couple of stories for - not for any rp but then just stopped when I had exams and never started again. The thing is I really love her and want to use her again so I was thinking of moving her to MTW. 

Jennifer Lawrence was the original model but I'm not 100% if she's who I want to use so i need some help choosing the model (either a new one or keeping J-Law.) 

Here's the bio, what do you think?

Name: Ana Harper
Age: 17
Quote that describes your character: Expectation is the root of all heartache / I feel like I’m the worst so I always act like I’m the best
Hometown: Cardiff, Wales
Currently City: ?, Australia
Job/School: Final Year High School 
Style: Well tailored, structured, quite prim and proper, never without heels and sunnies. She either dresses up or doesn’t even try.
Bio: Ana Harper considers herself one of the most awkward human beings on the planet, really truly. In her final year of high school, Ana’s not actually sure if she’ll make it out alive. She lives with her parents and younger brother and though she adores her father she often fights with her mother. Ana’s quite a smart girl, though can be really lazy and doesn’t try very hard at school, she’s happy to just cruise through into university, why bother working if you can do it with no effort anyway? That’s he philosophy. Entirely sarcastic and honest to the point of meanness she is often found laughing the loudest, talking about the craziest things and is pretty infamous round the school for not having a filter on her mouth. Deep down however Ana is a bit of a contradiction. She’s frank, honest and almost b.itchy with people she knows but cares about what people think about her and is crippling self-conscious. She won’t let it show though, she’s determined to get through the last year of high school in one piece and with all her friends along the way, and she’ll do it with a confident smirk on her face.
Model: ?

Tagging some people i think might be able to help but seriously anyone that has any idea whether we talk or not, please help <3 : @vicks, @luxecouture @sarahstardom @chrissykinz and @ingrid
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