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Name - Claire Charity Carmichael 
Age - 19 
Likes - Everything about her, being right, boys, dancing, drinking tea, traveling, using everyone to her advantage, paparazzi 
Dislikes - Accidentally sounding dumb, stereotypes, seafood, hospitals, getting in trouble 
Bio - Claire seems to have it all, the beauty and the brains. With beautiful, flowing hair, and perfect posture, she's the envy of all of her sisters even if they won't admit it. Claire's not just a pretty face though. She prides herself on the fact that she's the smartest out of her sisters. Charming and delightful, she can handle holding long conversations about books with a professor while still being the carefree, fun-loving Claire who obsesses over shoes, clothes, and makeup like every other girl. Many wonder how she so effortlessly balances her education and her social life. Talkative, blunt, and stubborn are words that describe her perfectly. Always using her cleverness to her advantage, Claire doesn't have a hard time getting what she wants--from excellent grades, boys, money, friends, and everything in between. Being the smart one also meant being the one who knows and sees everything. Claire witnesses her father spending an unusual amount of time with a certain lady who is not Viktoria Carmichael. Claire has her suspicions but has vowed to keep them to herself until she finds further evidence. Her parents claim they love her dearly, yet they never discipline her for anything. In fact, Claire thinks they don't care about her at all since she's the easiest daughter to deal with, the most mentally stable, they usually ignore her when she occasionally acts out or doesn't display the best behavior, letting her do anything she wants without asking permission (much to the annoyance of her younger sisters). One day she finds out that she was kidnapped as a child, which only adds to her feelings of neglect from her parents. She loves her life in the limelight and working her way around things using her intelligence, but she may get tired of her perfect girl facade. Claire misses her family when she's in London studying fashion merchandising, but now that she's home for the summer, she might just do something she'll deeply regret to attract the attention--and eventual affection--of her parents. 
Model - Marloes Horst 

[I know at first she sounds like the perfect girl, but she's not another Mary-Sue, I promise! I'm going to make her the one who finds out about her father's current affair, other family secrets, etc. The part about her discovering that she was kidnapped hasn't happened yet, but I will develop that once I get the role.] 

Top Three Models
- Marloes Horst
- Ginta Lapina
- Daphne Groeneveld

Story - 

"I'm home!" I exclaimed, handing the butler a Ben Franklin as I gave him my luggage to take up to my room. I sighed happily, breathing in the familiar scent of the Carmichael Mansion. The first person to greet me aside from the butler was not a person at all. My Yorkie puppy leaped up and licked me. "Oh, Kitty! I missed you so much, yes I did! I wish I could take you to London with me!" 

Kitty hopped off my chest and started making circles around my feet. That was when I saw Cierra. "Claire!" 

"Cierra!" We embraced (and I kindly ignored the smell of alcohol that reeked from her), jumping up and down, screaming. "I missed you!" We said at the same time which made us laugh. 

My sisters and I have a unique relationship. We get on each others' nerves, we fight, we say that we hate each other, but in the end, we somehow manage to make up and appear happy. Maybe not for long, as every summer is always predictably drama-filled. But it had been an entire year since I'd seen my family, so I hoped any bad memories from last summer were washed away and forgotten. 

"You look great!" I said, staring proudly at my little sister. Our mother always made little remarks about Cierra's figure and appearance, and I knew how much Cierra hated that. 

She blushed, giggling. "You do too!" she said, probably out of politeness, since I must have looked like a train-wreck after my long flight from across the pond. 

Hearing the footfalls of my mother, I stood a little taller and quickly checked my reflection in one of the thousands of mirrors in the house. Cierra zoomed out of the lobby remarkably fast, only turning around once to pleadingly mouth the words, "Please don't tell her!" I understood what she meant; she of course didn't want our mother to know she had been drinking the night before.

I nodded just in time. My mother's shrill voice echoed off the walls as she made her way to the foyer. "What's all the commotion?" she joked. "Is it Claire?" she said in a voice so saccharine it made me almost sick. "Oh, Claire!" she ran over, enveloping me in a tepid hug. The smell of her Chanel perfume filled up my nostrils, bringing back memories, some less pleasant than others. 

"Mom!" The word "Mom" felt so foreign on my tongue. We broke apart from our lukewarm embrace, but held onto each other by the arms.

"You're here early!" she commented. I couldn't tell if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Where's Dad?" I looked over her shoulder, hoping he would show up. 

"Oh he's at work." She revealed a row of her perfectly white teeth, smiling the kind of smile she saved for pesky interviewers or paparazzi. Never for one of her daughters. 

I frowned. "He knew I was coming today." It came out sounding like a whine. 

My mother chuckled, "You know your father, he's so busy. He must have forgot." And with that, she left, saying she was expecting an important phone call. Like her daughter who came all the way from the UK wasn't worth her precious little time. 

What a nice way to make someone feel welcome.

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