Romantic Vintage Ballet Flats - Le Bunny Bleu

Lately I've been obsessed with the new HBO show "The Newsroom". Sure there are some flaws with it, but no show is perfect. It's an absolutely amazing, entertaining, and informative show. I think it's receiving negative reviews because it's so critical of the media. The 4th episode was brilliant. It ends with Coldplay's "Fix You" playing and everyone is having these personal problems and then they receive notice about the Arizona shooting and it send chills down my spine. And the 5th one is pure genius. I remember watching the news for the Egypt protests. On the show they hire an Egyptian to report for them and film the military destroying documents, but he gets taken. Then someone is watching a clip of Rush Limbaugh say how he doesn't feel any anger or outrage that journalist are being held hostage. Of course he says it in a way that highlights how ignorant and how much of a douchelord he is. Then Dev Patel's character punches the computer screen which is what I would do. 

And I saw something on Twitter that was like "The Newsroom has helped me understand Fox News watchers. Fake news can be fun to watch, especially when it reinforces what I already believe." Which is totally true. 

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