lol i skipped dance today- i'm such a rebel :P jk. there was a sub today plus i had a doctor's appointment. for my toe.
i love these songs-
this is the life by two door cinema club
ships in the night by mat kearney
giving up the gun by vampire weekend
im so annoyed... i have a toe with a messed up tendon so it *really* hurts when i do pointe or tendus. so i can't do pointe. ive been to 3 doctors- first my normal doctor so we could get to a specialist (he's very very nice!). the specialist sucked- he was all like 'dancers's feet are all so ugly and messed up but their faces are so pretty' etc. he enjoyed flattering- it was creepy.
finally i found the doctor that works for the professional ballet company so i saw him today. he's awesome!! I got some meds... i still need to tape and ice my foot. i'll see him in three weeks again. it sucks though, cause i dont think the meds will work and i'll have to have surgery this summer. he says he's thinking on it and he's going to experiment to see if he can make an insert for my pointe shoe. i trust him and hope he'll come up with something. otherwise im screwed and have to have surgery. i sooo dont want that.

stupid billy on jane by design (stupid show but i cant stop watching it XD) has been arrested because of his idiot brother. :'(
i am listening to my colplay pandora station- i loove it. vampire weekend is on now- i love them!
SO excited for spring break!! :D im going away. :)
i will go make a tip now for you all. :)
x sylvie x
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