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1. Top three clothing items you can't live without?
-My skinny jeans, hoodies, and my slip-on ankle boots
2. Would you take the opportunity to live in a foreign country for a month? If so, which country?
- Nigeria, because my family is from there and I've never been.
3. Did you have a favorite cartoon to watch growing up?
-Powerpuff Girls and Hey Arnold!
4. Do you frequently buy new clothes or do you take long breaks/gaps between shopping?
- I love shopping but I don't do it often.
5.Do you prefer your hair to be long or short?
- Long or at least shoulder length.
6. Do you tend to please yourself or others first?
- Others who are close to me? yes.
7. Describe yourself using five words
- Quiet, Modest, Creative, Understanding, Honest (most of the time)
8. For a vacation, would you rather visit a place for its beaches and tropical climate or a place for its history and culture?
- How about a reasonable mix of both. Culture and beaches.
9. Is there a meaning or story behind your name?
- My name means "god's guidance." It stems from the issues my mom dealt with when she was pregnant with me.
10. Your favorite thing about the summer?
-It's not cold, so I tend not to get sick. Also, all the outdoor concerts, movie screenings, and festivals. Most of which are free or really cheap.


Also, I was tagged by @vickie352

1)In what city do you live?
- Baltimore

2)How old are you?
- 21

3)What's the weirdest thing about you?
- Random weird or awkward moments that I have, which others would consider out of character verses being mostly calm or quiet.

4)Who is your biggest celeb crush?
- Don't really have one :)

5)What's your favorite desert? ..If you want, you can share the recipe with me :)
- This deep dish chocolate chip cookie cake from David's Cookies. It has a chocolate drizzle and Hershey Kisses on top. Yum :)

6)What's your favorite movie?
- That's hard I like so many. But a definite fave is Halloween 1. It has the original Micheal Myers portrayal where he didn't use a knife and it was before the series became a part of the cliche teen slasher sub-genre.

7)Italy or Paris?
- Italy

8)One thing you really hate and why?
- Don't hate this so much as seriously dislike it... People who don't have the common courtesy to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough in public while they're sick. I'm one of those people who is susceptible to sickness, so that is not appreciated. If I wanted to get sick, I could do that all on my own.
9)One thing you can't live without
- One thing only? Once again, hard to decide. So many things I could choose like indoor plumbing, electricity, water filtration, modern medicine. Hmm, I'll go with indoor plumbing. Simply because anything equivalent to or less than a port-a-potty is just ehh.

10)Your worst habit.
- According to others, I tend to snap at people even if I'm only slightly annoyed. Although, I don't notice it myself or mean to do it. 


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