( Thin Air - Aqualung )

Claire Ross, 19
Birthday: December 9th
Hometown: Manhattan, New York
With the band: Stillwater, Led Zeppelin, Andy Warhol (he isn't a band, but he's important)

+ circle skirts, messy hair, bass that shakes the walls and floors, politics, banned novels, smudged lipstick, profanity, leather jackets, wearing men's shirts after sex, good lyrics, rainy weather

+ tree huggers, prudes, people who pretend to be perfect, not getting what she wants, the United States' foreign policy (that thing is a joke), greasy hair, "good Christians" (also a joke), rips in her stockings

Music taste: 
+ Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, Stillwater

+ Somehow manages to be classy and sophisticated even in a ripped t-shirt, very sharp and intelligent, intuitive, reserved, highly passionate, a romantic but you have to dig deep to find it, an avid reader, adores writing and will correct your grammar if you get lazy, loves red lipstick and heels and old t-shirts (strange mix that I wouldn't recommend wearing to the supermarket in case you give an old lady a heart attack), has a sarcastic and dry sense of humour, independent, feminist, politically aware. It's very difficult to dig under her shell but once you do, you're in for life. 

+ Alexa Chung


Comment with relationshipssss or something. Claire's personality should give you a solid idea of what she's like (actually, I'm like 80% sure I kinda made her a 1970s, much better [and sexually active *cough*] version of me omg. #oopsie)
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Wrote three years ago
@fiendishthingy Thank you hehe c: I'm down with that! They both have strong personalities and are polar opposites, so it'll work. I see a few bitchy fights in our future ;)

Wrote three years ago
no problem!!

Wrote three years ago
@intoxicatedpixies YAY THANK YOU BABE <3

Wrote three years ago


virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

Hello there ◕ ‿◕
This is a whimsical group made by deux filles lunatique, @hermionejane and @glitterinmyveins, (aka two whimsical girls.)
We want your best indie, whimsical, dreamy, magical and sparkly sets. We hope you join ;)



Welcome to ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS, a reliable and fun source for you to find the hottest new role-plays or advertise one of your own.
ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS is a group in which we keep the roleplay community informed on the latest and greatest roleplays and inspire people to be involved in creating an amazing roleplay right here on Polyvore.
R U L E S //
* Don't submit sets that aren't high fashion role-play sets. This is a strictly high fashion role-play only advertising group. Any sets related to Disney or site-model role-playing will be removed from the group along with corresponding members who submitted them.
* Participate! Compete in contests and let me know if you opened a new role-play group so we can advertise it and add it to the list!
* Don't be upset with me if I'm late advertising or because I don't advertise your group. I'm very busy so please be patient.
* Be polite and patient
* If you'd like to have your role-play listed into the group please let me know via private message by messaging me (@mademoibelle). I will be updating the group as frequently as possible to make sure you find a group that fits your wishes. Please PM me for comments, complaints, or a chance to find a roleplay that fits you.
I M P O R T A N T S Y M B O L S:
+ : This means that the roleplay is accepting try-outs
- : This means they aren't accepting try-outs
º : No longer an active roleplay.
N E W & U P - A N D - C O M I N G R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that have come out within the past couple of months with really cool concepts that are in the opening stage.
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
S O C I A L I T E R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that involve a plot such as rich teens or adults living their wild and drama filled lives.
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
C O L L E G E R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These role-plays are about going away to college and finding your way!
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
C A R E E R R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These role-plays are for those looking to play an adult character without having it all who are paving their own path.
M O V I E S , T V S H O W S, B O O K S, E T C. I N S P I R E D R O L E - P L A Y S:
* As titled, these role-plays are inspired by movies, shows, books, and more!
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
M I S C. R O L E P L A Y S:
* Anything that doesn't fall under the other categories goes here!
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E X I T L I N K S:
♔ Roleplay Temp Agency - http://www.polyvore.com/roleplay_temp_agency/group.show?id=116885
♔ Models & Mojitos - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=116351
♔ Roleplay Inspiration - http://www.polyvore.com/roleplay_inspiration/group.show?id=123836
♔ Elite Roleplay List -
R O L E P L A Y A D V I C E:
If you need advice on roleplay events or creating roleplays please feel free to ask! You can ask if your idea has already been done or just anything. Just PM @mademoibelle

© Been going strong since 2010.
Created by @mademoibelle



nostalgia: a sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
Hipster/Indie sets :)



(adj.) someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature.
welcome to my group everyone! I created this group because I wanted a place to see everyone's beautiful sets. I'm looking for sets that are architectural, fashion or nature oriented. I will try and hold contests as often as I can, and I look forward to seeing your fabulous sets!

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