Felicity Dawson - Roleplay

Full Name ; Felicity Kristen Susanna Dawson
Age ; 15
Grade ; Freshman
Appearance ; This collection - Katelyn Tarver
Short Bio ; Felicity, other known as Faye, Fel, etc. was born as an only child, but always had the attention on her. She was always a little performer, but at times she would get stage fright and would never come out of her room. As she got into Grammar School, girls starting picking on her because they said she was ugly and was terrible at singing and dancing. But as she got older, Felicity pushed away those horrid memories and made it her destiny to become a singer, musician, and dancer. She plays acoustic, electric, and piano, and along side that, has developed a band since age 11.
Personality ; Felicity's mood depends on the time of day. She could be super bubbly, but the next minute be a monster. On regular occasions though, she is super sweet and caring and kind.
Secret ; Felicity once almost got sent to Juvenile Detention for starting a fight and harassing students who were picking on her.
Clique Choice 1 ; Platinums
Why You Deserve This Clique ; Well, Felicity's family is very wealthy due to her family's good jobs. She's not mean and snobby like some other rich girls/guys.
Clique Choice 2 ; A-Listers
House Choice ; O'2
Roommates? ; Possibly Katrina? Otherwise I don't care (:
Other ; Her mother's job is a neurosurgeon, and her father is a dance company owner. He also runs a part time job at a local music store and karaoke club.

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