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  • Modern Firearms
    Sarsilmaz Kilinc 2000 / K10 / Armalite AR-24 pistol (Turkey) The Kilinc 2000 line of pistols is manufactured in Turkey by company Sarsilmaz. These pistols are based on the famous and well-proven design of the Czechoslovak CZ-75 pistol.
  • stock.xchng - bullets 2 (stock photo by hatebox)
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  • Ruger SR9 9mm
    Honest evaluation of the Ruger SR9 9mm by Gun Tests magazine.
  • Coolest/Ugliest Weapons
    i felt that this should be made as a counterpart to the best/worst armor thread, given that armor is useless without a good gun or stabbing implement. So, just post cool looking/ugly weapons and shit like that. Armalite AR-18 is pretty damn awesome looking. Any FAL variant, FALs are the sexiest motherfucking rifles ever. Anything battle-worn.
  • Magnum Pistol
    The Magnum is the most powerful pistol in Left 4 Dead 2. It has only an eight-round magazine and...