I'm sorry for not creating another chapter of Skyrim, but I have been noticing tons of people faking that they are actually enjoying my stories. I'll make the next chapter, but I'm also going to write another realistic story, as I promised . ♥ 

I'm not sure what the rating could be, but it's probably not PG, so warning if anything alarming appears . ♥ 
Tom Felton 
Daniel Radcliffe 
Emma Watson
Emma Stone
Andrew Garfield 
Marilyn Ramirez 

Basically, the characters in this story have the same name as the celebrities, besids one random character, but she is very main in this story. Those are probably the main characters, and some other side characters, that will be included along the way, for an example;
The Rock & Roll Chick; Usually Drunk; Name; Hayley Williams . ♥ 
The Gambler; Ian Somerhalder . ♥ 
The young child with the devious mind; Don't know the looks or celebrity . ♥ 

The story includes different point of views and it's kinda challenging to write about, sense the story includes tons of different characters. Basically, the story line is simple, but conflicts always appear, which makes everything more interesting, and this is reality, and not fantasy, so I'm sorry if I produce a mistake on the story line, I'm not used to writing normal stuff. Different characters fall in love with the wrong person and tries to find their true personality, but conflicts always appears, and violence comes in all the time. They all have a different life style and become ended up to their own campaign of a challenging adventure, but along the way, they find out that they have done many horrible things to the women they never loved and always did love. 

Emma Watson; She hates men with a disgusting personality and perverted mind. Emma always focuses more on education, but her parents have been abusive to her in the past, so she doesn't believe that she could be capable enough to handle college and all of those documents of her own future pride and life. She is always nice and shy, and doesn't like to defend others, only if it matters, and she isn't very protective about herself, which makes her always need guidance. 

Emma Stone; She has a different point of view then other women in her age. Emma used to create tons of conflicts in High School, including the fact that she had created a party and almost made love with a random man in her bedroom. She has a sassy attitude, but she could be nice at times, and she is always defending her sexual gender, believing that women could do more then men.

Marilyn Ramirez; Youngest out of the rest of the girls, and has a depressing life, but always pretends that she lives a fantastic life. The worst thing she has done in High School is almost killing herself in the bathroom. She has bruises and scars on her stomach, and always afraid to fall in love with a man, sense Emma Stone showed her the knotty side of the world. 

Daniel Radcliffe;
He has a sophisticated life style, but at times, he'll become perverted and cover his true identity. Every girl loves him, but he doesn't understand the concept of true love, sense has never been through that position in reality and hasn't actually made love with a women yet, even though he has been dying and tempted to try. In High School, he has been recalled to be the 'nerdy boy'. 

Andrew Garfield; Andrew was a bully through out his freshman years, and was always stressed out from his family problems. Secretly, he has killed somebody behind the walls of clubs, but never blurted out that information towards anybody. He has the brain of a mad scientist and wants to find the perfect girl, but he doesn't want those horny women. 

Tom Felton; He used to be rude towards others and keep his feelings and emotions out to the world, instead of keeping it to himself. He would always be sent to the principle's office at High School, but women enjoyed that of him. He hates the concept of love and anything he watches, all the colors fade. He has never kissed a girl with true passion, sense he doesn't like anybody, in reality.

How does the story sound? Good? Would you read this? I'm dying to know! I don't think anybody cares! 
My Taggers; Would YOU READ THIS STORY!?

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It has Tom Felton,Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe in it,how could I not read it ^.^

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Love it!

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