December 18
Grab your skates for a night of ice skating.

4.00 P.M
Class had just ended and I was headed to my apartment when my cell buzzed.

[We're going ice-skating tonight. Be at the rink at 8.00-R]

I had been replying to Roxy's text when I knocked into someone.
I got down to pick up my fallen books, "Can't you watch where you're stand---"
My hand had just come in contact with that person's hand and something like an electric shock went through me.
I immediately looked up.
"I'm sorry, I guess I'll be more careful about where I stand the next time," he said with a lopsided smile.
I opened my mouth and closed it.
I had no words, I was still recovering from my 'electrocution'.
He had picked up my books and was now holding them for me while I fiddled with my bag's zipper.
"I'm Tristan by the way. Do you go to UCLA too?"
"Um, yeah...oh sh*t!"
The zipper had just given away and for the second time my books were strewn across the road.
We repeated our drill while Tristan laughed.
"You drop things way too much...maybe I should stay with you till you get home."
I felt my cheeks burning and hoped to God Tristan couldn't see them.
"So do you have a name?"
We talked for the rest of the journey.
Well he did the talking...I just nodded to whatever he said.
"You're very quiet."
"Well, I am always quiet," I lied.
I was never quiet. Except for now.
"No way, I saw you at recess today and you and your friends were talking so much I wondered whether you'll even heard each other!"
I blushed again.
When we finally got to my place he handed my stuff to me and said, "Maybe I'll see you around Elliot."
He turned around to leave.
"Yeah, maybe..." I called out lamely.


"Tights with shorts...girl you're a fashion di-sas-star!"
I glared at the girl who had just said this as she whizzed past us on the ice.
All the other people from the Mill were there and we were having a gala time.
Though I'm an okay skater I kept falling over today.
I didn't know why.
Maybe it was because Damian was there.
He was annoying the crap out of us.
I was chasing him and Alek on the ice when my eyes fell on the girls sitting around.
Jemma and Carson were laughing with a very familiar looking boy.
I got a little closer to get a better look.
It was Tristan.
The sight of the three laughing suddenly made me feel very jealous.
Distracted, I had just crashed into the railing and there were big stars floating in my head.
The last thing I heard before losing consciousness was Damian shouting, "WIPEOUT!"


I didn't see Tristan being mentioned in anyone's maybe I'll put him up as Elliot's crush. Hope that's okay.
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