feat. Karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn

Song of the day: Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

August 3, 2012

1) Eeek, it's August! School starts in like a month. Except I'm always kind of gypped of the last few weeks of my summer because I have tennis tryouts and have to go back to school and see all these people I'd rather not see until I'm forced to in school and yeah. Merh. It sucks. 
2) But anyways, it's August 3rd which means it's a special day, people. It's... #NationalJourlieDay!!! Woohoo! Happy birthday to my main girl, Karlie! And her BFF Jourdan! Seriously. I can't believe those two have the same birthday. Talk about being soul sisters... But, anyhoo. Oh, Karlie. No longer a teenager. I remember when I first discovered her, she was still a high school girl telling her best-of-both-worlds story in Teen Vogue...
3) But next... Happy birthday to Ryan Lochte! Dang that boy is beast. And lol remember in Hannah Montana when they're all "Hottie Lamottie with the swimmer's body?" I totally get why they say that now... Ryan's such a cutie. His eyes are so blue. And he's boss at swimming. I mean, obviously. I was so upset when he didn't win any gold medals yesterday. But at the same time... I really wanted Phelps to win that 200 IM cause I felt really bad that he didn't have any individual gold medals and there was the whole three-peat thing and sigh. I guess a part of me would have been upset either way. It is what it is. They're both amazing and I can't believe we'll never see them race again! But I love that they're friends. That's cute. Oh and I love how all the swimmers are so cute and all cheer each other on and clap for each other in the locker rooms and all that.
4) In other Olympic news... SHOUT OUT TO GABBY DOUGLAS!!! That girl is sick, sick, sick! And I must say the Russians were brilliant on bars last night! I felt so bad for Aly though =( She's one of my favorites, and I wanted her to get a medal so badly! And what sucks about gymnastics is it's kind of a one-time shot. I mean, let's face it... Their bodies aren't gonna be the same in 4 years. 
5) And that, people, is why I've decided my child is going to take up swimming. I mean, take Phelps, for example. He's been in 3 Olympics! And the thing with swimming is, there are so many more events you can medal in than with gymnastics. So, there are many more opportunities in swimming. 
6) And, yes, because I've been filling with regret as I sit on the couch watching the Olympics, I've already started strategizing about how my children are going to become Olympic champions ;). I mean, dude. Can you imagine how awesome it feels to be 16-year-old Gabby Douglas standing on top of a podium with a gold medal around her neck, tearing up as tens of thousands of people cheer for her in the stands?! So awesome. Sigh. I really wish I were an Olympic champion. 
7) On a different note... So I've started watching the MTV show "Awkward.". And it's kind of hilarious. I'm slightly addicted to it. I mean, there aren't very many episodes, and they're only 30-minutes long, so it was hard not to watch them all in a row. Plus, there's a fun little love triangle, so you become emotionally invested in these characters (to some extent, at least). I'm not saying it's my favorite show in the entire universe, but if you are bored (or even not bored) and are looking for something that will make you crack up, watch this show. Obviously, some aspects of it are a bit cheesy, and there are definitely parts which are inappropro, as is expected from an MTV show, but I do quite enjoy it. So try it out.
8) I'm thinking of doing a, sort of, blogger series for my next few sets because I'm a bit addicted to a few blogs and just think it would be fun to share my favorites... Thoughts?
9) I must say, I get very frustrated with my wardrobe when I look at blogs, though. I mean, here's the thing. Not like I'm trying to brag or anything (honestly!), but I would say that I have a pretty good sense of style. The problem is, I can't really produce the outfits I'd like to in real life because I just don't have the resources. So, I'm very hesitant to share with others (in my real life) my...passion for fashion (I hate that that rhymes. It sounds so cheesy). You know what I mean? Like the last thing I want is for people to start evaluating all of my outfits and deciding for themselves that they're not actually so stylish because I already know that. (I mean, I'm very honest with myself and know none of my outfits are 10's. Try as I might, my outfits are never gonna look like anything the bloggers wear. Plus, I'm in high school. It's sometimes weird to dress as the bloggers do when sweatpants and UGGs dominate the hallways.) So I'm curious to know if any of you Polygirls feel the same way... 
10) Next question... So I never call myself fashionable because, I've always told myself that in order to be considered a "fashionista" or whatever, you should be able to make do with whatever you have in your closet (whether you have the average American girl's closet or Kendall/Kylie Jenner's). Like a "Make it work!" motto. You know? So what do you think? If you're to be considered fashionable, should you be able to "make it work" at all times, no matter the constraints?
11) Okay, I'm done now. Lol. As I'm sure all of you who read my little bloggies know, I kind of just speak my mind as I go. So... lots of rambling and mind mapping, if you will. 
12) Anyways... I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I hope to make more sets this coming week, as I think I've gotten all of my doctors appointments and what not out of the way already, but who knows. Something always seems to come up. But yeah. Bye for now... Talk to you guys soon! xx
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
@tell-me-more haha thanks so much for the sweet comment! dont worry--i love reading long comments! =)

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Wrote 4 years ago
Gorgeous set, darling !!!


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