Shift Dress --
Coat --
Faux Fur Collar --
Lace Tights -- @chicwish
Here's my attempt at trying a new layout. What do you think?

My darling @ohwow-queenbee tagged me quite some time ago. And now i finally got around to doing all the old tags.

Kinda Outta Luck - Lana Del Rey

Rules :
1. Pick a song. (see above)
2. Make a line from that song be the title of your set
3. In my set, pick one item and use it in yours (I used the quote 'dior not war')
4. Tag some people and tell them to do the same
5. Ask a random question
Her Question: Would you like to live in a different century or period of time? Or in the future?
Victorian era, definitely. Because it fascinates me.

My question:
What are 3 things on your bucket list?
I tag 
@sofastudios @airplane @ellchy89 @golnesaxox @thatsstellar @rainbowpanda0 @rikka-alethea @rainie-minnie @pentax @light-hearted @bestdressx @cloudcastles @sirius-black @hleyliy @de-si-ree @olya-volhina @reblou @abby-rose (sorry if you don't do tags/ hate tags)
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