Our own old Tinsley Novenkakov is having a little get together at her new apartment...another housewarming. Bring gifts of food and luxury, or your drama.

"elle." I said, sitting down with a cup of hot coffee.

"ali. how are you." She asked sitting down.

"sick of all the drama. like girls, keep your shitt to yourselves. seriously. I mean, me and Jacob are fuucking each other every night, but you don't see me in the fights do you?" I said.

"Ohh, once your open up your just as bitchhy as all of them." She laughed.


"Wait, so whose jacob?!" she asked.

"Well. he's the keyboard player in a band. he's so hot. we fuckk like crazy every night. and we're not even dating. like seriously. I had to wear tights today because I have like bruises all over my thighs.its that good." 

"damnn. that's hot." She laughed.

"Hey, i should be getting paid, that seems to be the trend around here...." I said.

"hahahaha. maybe, then you could buy some drugs, do them at the stupidest possible time, then fuuck your dad and someone else's. You'd fit in much better." She laughed.

"oh no, the french gossip bittch is going to come after us now..." I sneered.

"oh my god, just because she's a wanna be elite doesn't mean who ever it is has to fuucking stalk us." She rolled her eyes.

I laughed, "Well. we better go. I'd hate to miss some more bathroom moaning or graphic texts." I said.

"wouldn't miss it for the world." She said sarcastically.

"Tins!" I said, smiling handing her the chair i found. it was not my style, but i prayed it was Tins's. I could afford to get on her good side. We arrived rather late at the party, and the girls were in full swing.

I took a seat next to Jenni at the table, where bitchyy sarcasm was being thrown at Tins and her Dad. Yeah its really sick thats she has some sort of warped daddy's little girl shitt going on but leave her alone.

And yet. I sat there, eyeing elle from across the room. And we both knew something they all didn't. and we would keep it that way.

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