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Do you guys ship them together? like are they cute together??? :P 
Now back to the whole quiz/question thing you can answer even if the answer has been said ill still give you the likes and only one answer per comment so here it is:

- Birthday? 5 likes
- Age? 5 likes
- Where is he from (specific) ? 10 likes
- Nickname (s) ? 5 likes
- Full name? 5 likes
- First girlfriends name? 15 likes
- What school did he go to? 15 likes
- What band was he in before 1D? 10 likes

- Birthday? 5 likes
- Age? 5 likes
- Where is she from (specific) ? 10 likes
- Fashion Icons? 10 likes
- Fave cereal? 15 likes
- Fave character in Harry Potter? 15 likes
- Pets? Name? 5 likes
- Siblings? Names? 10 likes
- First crush? 20 likes
- Natural Hair Color ? 5 likes

You can get more likes with the Ariana ones but those are a lot harder... its kinda weird that i know a lot about her.... more than about Harry..... but like random stuff.... so yeah byeeee :P x
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