Okay, I just want to bring a few things to everyone's attention.

Polyvore really isn't what it used to be.

Recently, I applied to be apart of polyvore from a moderators perspective. Do you want to know what my reply was? 
I'm not popular enough (along those lines)
I have to have thousands more followers in order to be considered. Ouch.

And I also asked indressme if I could promote them. I didn't want anything in return. 
I've shopped with them once before.
My reply? Not enough likes. I need to be more liked.
They were honestly quite rude about it. 

Last time I checked, polyvore isn't about popularity, it's about being creative and bringing a part of ourselves into this vast community.

I'm sorry, but these standards are just plain bitchy. It's like high school all over again. Is no one equal? 

And lastly, a really amazing friend of mine was kicked off polyvore for writing in an rp.
Suddenly, polyvore doesn't allow any of us to post our stories. I have recieved warnings before myself, saying that I have to stop writing. Writing is a passion of mine and I won't quit.
They monitored her account, stalked her basically. In the end, they disabled the account. Gone. Forever. They took everything. Deleted everything. Which leaves us all powerless.

This shouldn't be acceptable. 
We make them money. Advertisers. Contest entries. Online shopping etc..... 
That's why it's not fair to be treated like this.

Comment or like.
It doesn't matter if this set gets no likes or even just a few. 
All that matters is I chucked these things together and created a set that I believe is good.
I'm sorry I'm not good enough for them. And It's sad to think what polyvore will become if things continue this way.
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