A few of my fashion sets, Fashion in Living Color

At this point, I have created sets on Polyvore for over 133 days, never skipping a day.
So, you can imagine how difficult it was to select the sets I felt were the best to represent how I view fashion.
Later I will create collections that feature my favorite designers, and so forth.
I cannot thank everyone enough for enjoying my sets, this is truly said from my heart,
best wishes,
Linda..a confessed Polyvore addict and proud of it :-)


Wrote 5 years ago
teeheeee@wambliwakan It does take a long time to create most of my sets...but, it is so relaxing. When I found Polyvore, my thoughts seemed to pour and pour...colors and things I wanted to write..all this and more..life is good :-)

Wrote 5 years ago
wow that's an amazing feat! making a set takes me soooo long i can't imagine being able to crank them out every day! fantastic!!

Wrote 5 years ago
@lindacaricofe I truly enjoy your sets and look for them every day. It's always a delight to see what you come up with.

Wrote 5 years ago
Hi there @irenes. I will be adding more sets under other categories such as art deco and famous people ....I was not quite sure how collections worked, but, so many people enjoyed the collections that showed antiques, that, I decided to try collections that show sets too. You are such a dear friend to enjoy my sets as much as you do...you spoil me, teeheee..and we both know I love being spoiled, LOL :-) Hugs to you

Wrote 5 years ago
Wonderful to meet you @didee . I am now one of your followers, thank you for the wonderful compliments. I'm delighted you enjoy my sets, best wishes, Linda

Wrote 5 years ago
@lindacaricofe This is a wonderful representation of your sets, but every single one could be in this collection. All of your sets are amazing.

Wrote 5 years ago
Hi there I just want to say I have just recently come across your sets and they really appeal to me and are beautifully and creatively put together and you have great taste, very inspirational so I look forward to following you :)


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