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wednesday the 1st: tutoring is being held at the Laertes library. various teachers and students will be available, so come if you’ve been needing help. or, come if you haven’t been needing help and you’ve been wanting another opportunity to meet other Lancaster students. of course, if you’re up to it, you can sign up to be one of the tutors.

Sorry, I'm asking this a lot, but who wants to be included and do you want to be Echo's friend or not?

"Ich brauche keine Hilfe." I said to no one in particular. "Ich bin der Beste. Deutsch ist einfach." I was in the library and I was sitting alone because I needed some time to myself, just for today.

I wasn't talking to myself, apparently, which kind of irked me. Because someone said, "Sind Sie sicher?"

"/What/?" I rudely said. I did not need someone to ask me "Are you sure?" Of course I was sure! I don't need help, I'm the best, learning German is easy.

"Beruhigen Sie sich." He said.

Suddenly I noticed his dark brown eyes and his cute smile. I was in a daze, so I asked absentmindedly, "..whaaat?" 

"It means 'Calm down' in German. That's what you're studying, right?" 

"I knew that already, and I'm not studying." I lied. 

He looked at my German textbook, my German dictionary and my notebook and pencil. He shrugged, not really caring. "If you say so."

I turned around more to see him. "Look, I'm flattered that you're standing here practicing your German with me of all people, since I know I'm going to ace it, but please, I need some space." 

Still, he didn't leave. It wasn't that I was feeling antisocial today, it was really because the beginning of the school year means I need to study, study, study in order to get straight A's and be on top of all my subjects. Because after the first few weeks of school, I'm automatically acing all of the subjects so I don't need to study anymore. But that's not the case right now-- I need to practice.

Instead of turning around and leaving like a sane person, he pulled up a chair and sat down next to me. I purposely scooted my chair a few inches away from him. He did the same, only he scooted a few inches closer. I scooted away. He got closer. We kept this on until the teacher told us we were disturbing the silence in the library. 

"Please, stop." I said, sighing, even thought it was apparent I had enjoyed the little game. 

"Fine, but tell me your name first." he said, leaning on the table. 

Great. Names. Introductions. I hate those. Ugh. Should I ignore him? He's incredibly cute. . . but he's not worth my precious time..but he's so... ugh, I lost again. "I'm Echo. Echo Underwood."

"Echo, Echo, Echo... Echoeee." He repeated.

"What are you doing?" I asked, like he was crazy, which he was. 

"I was just trying to see if your name had an actual echo." He laughed. 


"And you are?" I asked, ignoring his previous statement. 

"Kyle." He smiled again. Gosh, why is this guy smiling? It's cute, it's adorable, no, it's mesmerizing, but it's also uncomfortable. 

I flipped open my notebook and clicked my pen twice. "Well, it was nice meeting you, Kyle, but I have to study now."

"I thought you said you weren't studying."

I bit my lip. Caught again. "Ugh, you know how annoying you are?" And I wanted to say, how incredibly hot?

"I need help in German."

"I'm not a tutor." I said, highlighting a paragraph as I read. 

"Then can you help me after class?" Kyle asked.

I was about to shake my head no, but I said, "Wait, you're in my German class?"

He nodded, his beautiful hair falling into his eyes when he did. 

My heart flipped. So I was excited he was in my class. I know I never keep a guy longer than a few weeks, but he might be a little fun. I couldn't tell what his Sin was thought, until he said:

"You'll let me cheat off your papers right?" he laughed, I couldn't tell whether he was joking or not. But I /could/ tell his Sin was Sloth. Only lazy people would cheat. At least I think so. Beautiful lazy people. 


[Echo has many guys, so I'm not going to make a bio for Kyle, but is it okay his sin is Sloth? Oh, and if you read this all, type : "Calm down". ]
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