don't unplug me // all caps

♠ echo underwood
seventeen years old
junior in high school
san fransisco, california
echo was definitely born into the wrong family. while her mother came from a long line of wealthy business owners, she renounced her family when she ran off with a hippie and had a daughter she decided to give the god-awful name "echo". echo because when she was a baby, she looked exactly like her mother did, and her mother only wanted her to turn out just like her. but echo had different plans. echo studied hard, not just school, but also fashion and the latest news, so she could prove to the world she wasn't as weird as her parents. and echo's grandparents saw her potential, and gave her the opportunity to get away: they would pay for her to go to lancaster, her mother's alma-mater. and of course, echo jumped at the chance. here, echo isn't the kid with the crazy parents, she's the hottest thing to hit the school since global warming. and no one, and nothing, is going to keep her down. forget the hippies, forget everything about her old life back in san fransisco. there's a new head biitch in town, and that's echo underwood.
style: she's still figuring it out, it's mostly girly, and bright, sometimes she'll change it up drastically and other times she'll dress totally like her mother [on accident, not that she wants to]
model: rasa zukauskaite 

AP physics
pre-calculous honors
german 1/2
british literature
honors US History
fashion design 3/4
AP art history

NOTE: I hope this is okay, I'm not a junior, so I don't if this sounds realistic or not. 


My name's Echo. If you want to get to know me, then get to know me. And I guess I should make some more friends, so introduce yourselves.

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