Whoop! Two more days to Christmas, I am shaking like a chihuahua that needs to pee! I am so excited. Not really for getting the presents, but rather of giving the presents cause I love to see the reactions of my receivers :D Seeing things from joy to concealed disappointment; from disappointment to blankness. Those who show no emotion after opening a present are the ultimate poker players.

This is going to be a long blog, considering how I am going to talk about my trip to Bangkok! The outfit in this set is similar to what I wore on the plane ride back home to Singapore, sans the black blazer. I feel that blazers make an outfit look more polished and chic, yet I don't really like wearing them unless its cold. The plane ride back was good, I stayed awake the entire way as the clouds were so pretty. The coolest thing was that I saw a mushroom cloud. Was there a volcano there? No idea, but to see one was amazing. I feel like such a nerd talking about clouds haha, can't deny this part of me :3

Rewinding back, on the first day nothing much happened. Just went to a night market to shop and there were many hound-dog print clothes there. I literally bought an entire outfit which is houndstooth print. Top, shorts, jeans, skirt, loafers and bag. Call me crazy?!

The second day was bonkers. We went to a weekend market, and it is huge. Colossal, to be more exact. I spent 9 hours there, and I still haven't walked finish the entire place! My feet ached when I went back to the hotel. The clothes sold there was good though, every shop had different products. Really amazing. We met this lady at a cafe, who was a Singaporean like us, and her bag was slashed. She didn't know until we pointed it out to her. Thankfully nothing got stolen, but the position of the slash was awfully close to her passport! It is kind of her own fault for getting slashed (sorry to say), her bag was a legit Prada bag! Doesn't that scream "Rob me!" already?!

My family and I went to this Flower Market too, and it is gorgeous. There was this entire stretch which was filled with chrysanthemums. The smell was intoxicating and seeing so much yellow was a little therapeutic. A whole plethora of different flowers were there! I really liked all the pink/purple/white flowers, they were all so beautiful. They took my breath away! (and also my camera's)

Thai food is mind blowing. So much flavour in one bowl! My taste buds were euphoric. A lot of spicy food there, which my tolerance level isn't high but yet I enjoy eating it! I just need to have one packet of tissue next to me as I eat :p The mangoes and guava there was so yummy. Very fresh and sweet! The pineapples too, according to my dad, were very nice. I didn't eat them. Not sure if you guys have heard this before, but it is said that eating pineapple can bring your period forward? I believe in it so I avoided the pineapple haha. I can't really enjoy my holiday if I have IT. Hmm, are there any male specimens on Poly? I'm not very sure, but if you're a male, can you mention it in the comments? I really want to know if there is at least one male here :p 

Regretfully, I didn't go for any massages there. What a pity, sigh. My sister was really enthusiastic about shopping, so at every waking moment I was walking next to her and commenting on the clothes she picked. Occasionally eating some finger food of course :D

Overall my haul of clothes isn't a lot, besides the crazy moment where I bought a bunch of houndstooth print. I bought striped shirts and some cute loafers. Oh I forgot to mention that the leggings there are really cheap. One pair is two dollars! And if you buy more, the price goes down... The leggings were all so cute, like those that udobuy and romwe sell. I didn't buy any, since I felt like I have enough. I enjoyed my trip greatly, both for the food and the bonding time with my family! We had many goofy moments which I love :)

Happy birthday to @rikka-alethea! Remember to dance like nobody's watching, sing to your heart's content, and live like it is heaven on earth! I wish happiness unto you, and that life will be good to you :)
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