Yayo || Lana Del Rey

✞ Lana ✞ 
> Where: In the English Countryside @ the house they own.
> When: September 24th
> Makeup / Hair : Loose Curls and crown of daisies she picked.
> Wearing: Bright white nightgown that was ground length with thin straps {Like bottom photos}.
> Tags: @young-and-loaded 

> It was about 20 days since Lana and Brendon's wedding and about 18 days since they arrived. The two of them were supposed to be home now but things had changed since the original plans. The couple had planned on leaving for Paris 4 days ago but with Brendon sick they had decided to stay back. Even if the boy was recovered perfectly now they still decided they would like to stay at their English countryside home for a few more days to make up for the lost time. They would be staying back now at their English home for 5 more days before finally taking off to Paris where Lana was set to do one show in a weeks time, record a video two days later with Brendon's help then they would have the rest of the time to enjoy as an extended part of their honeymoon while staying in Lana's loft at the heart of Paris near the Eiffel Tower. As of right now though Lana had wandered out of her and Brendon's room after noticing an empty bed next to her when she awoke, had taken a shower then had dressed back in a white nightgown before she had wandered outside to her gardens which she was presently watering with a watering can. The girl looked around at her little paradise and smiled. It was a lot like their home in New York but in other ways so different. Their house in New York was much more open in certain parts and had many places where the sunlight shone through while the home in England was heavily covered by trees and was a place that she expected no one to ever discover. But then again Brendon had somehow discovered it. Lana loved knowing how private the house was because as a kid she had been a very curious girl and loved finding hiding places so she really thought that this place had to be like her and Brendon's own hiding place away from the real world and all the scary things that existed in it. Lana sighed contently at this thought as she scooped up more water into her watering can from the lake before watering more of the flowers and crops of the garden.
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