Perfect couple costume - Marla & The Narrator (Ed Norton) from 'Fight Club'

--- Marla Materials:
* Shaggy Black Jacket
* Black thrifty skirt
* Chunky black heel boots
* Old black bag
* Big black sunglasses
* Cheap tank blouse
* Red lipstick, black eye-liner
* If you have longer hair buy a messy short black wig, if you have short hair use gel to get the 'Marla' look
* Cigarettes (if you smoke then it works, if not just pretend)
* Black cross necklace with other assorted jewelry

--- The Narrator (Ed Norton)
* Cheap brown business jacket
* Off-white dress shirt
* Brown trousers
* Work loafers
* Cheap tie
* Add blood splatter to outfit
* Use face paint to look de-sheveled and beaten
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