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"Every story has a beginning middle and an end but not necessarily in that order- Jean Luc -Godard" A life is just a collection of stories all put together. A beginning and end. And than the interesting stuff that happens in between. Every story is important so why not tell your story however you want. The concept of this group is basically what if you didn't have to write a characters life in order. What if you started at 80 and your stories are just flashbacks and memories of how your character end up there. Or you started at 19 and then went to 45 back to 24. There is literally no order you have to follow , everything is up to you. Group Rules: - Firstly there is no set limit , i would say once a month at LEAST. I'd prefer more than that but i understand life and other groups get in the way. - Stories are a must but liking/commenting other people's sets is what makes a group amazing. - Don't join if you don't think you will be able to write for your character in the long run. It's nothing personal but how much does joining a group and then dropping out after a week suck. - High fashion , No TXT talk etc is all a given right? - Drama outside of the group is stupid. Don't cause it , don't get involved with just don't Group Info - Since it would be easier for other characters to have known each other atleast once the starting city for your character is Edinburgh , she (or he if you feel like it) could have lived there as a child or grew up there or studied there whatever. They don't have to be Scottish , just had to live there once in their life. - Casting is a big deal in this group especially since you are writing about their entire life in a random sort of way. So the only models that are exclusive are character models , love interest (major super important love interests) and really REALLY important people (family , platonic soulmates - otherwise known as bestfriends , etc - just really important.). Rules For Stories - Only one rule. Since this roleplay is all over your characters timeline i ask that you include this format at the start of your story. current location: city, country date: dd/mm age: Audition Info: - Well firstly do all the normal stuff. eg. join the group (that would help) , make a set , fill in the bio etc. You will have three different models for the character - Teens - Early Twentys. - Mid Twenties - Forties - Forties+ You don't have to include a picture of all 3 models in your sets but feel free to if you want but please specify them in your set. Included a short story. At least 4 paragraphs please. Character Bio: FULL NAME quote: (to describe overall character) birthday: place of birth: place of residence: schooling : occupation: personality: bio: family : past/ current/ future relationships (try not to go over board here) collection : EXTRA// (Don't need to be done but can be helpful) Storyboard Moodboard Collection Playlist -- Taken Face Claims (Main) : http://www.polyvore.com/character_faceclaims_for_figments/collection?id=4801048 Taken Face Claims (Side Characters) (Female) http://www.polyvore.com/side_characters_female_figments/collection?id=4813510 (Male) http://www.polyvore.com/side_characters_male_figments/collection?id=4813514 Taken Face Claims (Love Interests) http://www.polyvore.com/love_interest_faceclaims_for_figments/collection?id=4811910 Created : 08/06/2013 Inspired by the quote at the start of the group. ALSO PLEASE NOTE THIS GROUP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FIGMENT THE WEBSITE. They only share surprisingly good name.
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