Gossip Girl nostalgia,mostly because of the awesome clothes and lovely New York scenery. 
I always preferred Serena's fashion sense. 
How about you? :D
I got tagged again in this challenge but since the questions aren't the same then I'll answer but I won't tag more people.
I got tagged in my dear talented @nameless poly-friend's set http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_332/set?id=73622623.

1.Do you prefer books or movies?
I like both in a different way. Movies when I am really lazy!
2.Favorite sweet?
Anything with chocolate!
3.Skirts or pants?
4.Book you recently read?
I am in the middle of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower since I want to read it before I see the movie. I like it so far!
5.Favorite decade and why?
The 30's had lovely clothes and the 70's because they seemed so carefree.
6.Favorite movie?
Tough one. I love a lot of movies in different ways. 
I loved Django Unchained and Gangster Squad of the recent ones.
7.Favorite TV show?
8.Intelligence, happiness and beauty – choose tw of those and explain your choice.
Happiness. Beauty fades and intelligence makes you think too much.
9.Piece of clothing you can`t stand and why?
Open toe boots. What is the point of your toe freezing and sticking out?
10.Your most recent discovery in music industry?
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD! Check them out. Sweater Weather especially.
11.Thoughts on Taylor Swift after all this Harry stuff? I think she's should be with herself for a while and see who she is without boys.
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