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YAY or NAY? NAY :(

City of Bones was the most anticipated film of 2013. It feels like I have been waiting for it for years because I loved these books! Now that I have seen it finally, it fell flat. I had high expectations because the trailers were cut so well and it looked as if it would make a great film translation. I agree with Rotten Tomatoes’ harsh rating, which is went from 20% to 12%

This review contains spoilers*

I had high hopes that Jamie Campbell Bower would do a great job as Jace, after seeing all these promotional photo shoots. I was starting to see him as Jace, but after watching the film? Just no. The Jace I imagine meant to be snarky, funny, witty, cocky and he smiles! But film Jace was none of those things! Jamie was solemn and very expressionless; he didn’t reflect like his character was meant to be. He didn’t smile...much. I am sad to say Jamie didn’t played Jace very well. The thing is Jamie sort of had that personality reflects Jace but he didn’t deliver. 

“Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?'
Jace said, "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."
..."At least," she said, "you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland."
"Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting.” 

This is my favourite quote of City of Bones and when Jace said wasn’t how I’d imagine (again that expressionless face!) and it’s said at the wrong moment because he said it to Clary when he was at the piano. 

The greenhouse scene was what I was waiting for! It was one of my favourite scenes of the book. BUT then Demi Lovato is playing in the background right before they kiss, building up to this loud pop music. AHHH GO AWAY DEMI WE’RE HAVING A MOMENT HERE! Who decided to insert that song in that scene? What is this, a Disney film? That was so High School Musical and it completely ruins the moment! 

Lily’s red hair obviously faded because now it is brown. Simon didn’t get turned into a rat. Where was Valentine’s silver white hair? I didn’t know he was meant to have a moustache. In the books Valentine is meant to be this very charismatic character and Jonathan Rhys Myers’ voice was just downright creepy, it was very deep and husky. Wasn’t the last scene was meant to be in a different place besides the Institute? I thought that Valentine succeeded in taking the cup but the film shows Clary giving him the fake one before he puts a knife through the portal and suddenly its snowing inside the Institute. So the portal must be broken now. 

When Valentine said “To love is to destroy,” just no. That was meant to be Jace’s line!

The music is very dramatic and it makes it very anti-climactic and laughable. The part where Clary draws a rune on her hand to stop the demons, the music goes into sudden slow motion. It’s like what’s with the dramatic music? It's the same thing when Clary realises she can put things into paper and take them out, and also that scene in the club where Clary screams and the camera holds on her face for a good minute, as if this is a climactic moment. 
Ah what sort of bothered me was that you read the books and you’re led to believe that Clary and Jace are related. Whereas in the film, Hodge tells Valentine to lie to them and say they are brother and sister!! That scene should have been cut. 

I know it sounds like I hated the film, I didn’t. The scenes I liked were the kidnapping scene where Jocelyn is kicking ass against Valentine’s cronies with the frying pan! I think Robert Sheehan did a great job as Simon and also Jemima West as Isabelle – she was fierce! The demon CGI looked really good. Lily Collins as Clary? Well she was okay. 

There were lots and lots of action scenes with very little dialogue. I think it translated well and it seemed like they tried to really fit every scene in. I know it must be hard translating from a book to a film format because of fans’ expectations. If you have not read the books, then this film must be confusing because it doesn’t explain a lot of the things, like runes for instance. 

Here’s to hoping City of Ashes is better. I wonder who’s going to play Sebastian?!

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great :)

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Wrote three years ago
oh, this is great!

Wrote three years ago
agree with the review.. I was disappointed as well.
lovely set.



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