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Film Rating: ★★★★


I finished watching the Hunger Games the other day! I mean it did take me over a year but I finally got there in the long run!

I’m not a massive fan of THG. Everyone is raving on how brilliant this series is and I really did wanted to like it, I really did, but I don’t. I think the premise of the story is quite interesting and scary that you put these kids into a game and make them kill each other in order to win. I don’t know, the writing’s not bad but it’s just the book; I didn’t get into the story, found it really hard to picture any of the scenes and was not feeling the excitement. That's why it has taken me so long to watch the movie and I didn’t even read the 3rd book because I hear it was not good anyway. Primose died. WHAT. Anyway on with the film review: 

It’s a little harder to review films...because I can’t dissect it like I can with books. I give this a 4 rate out of 5. Having already read the 1st book, I felt the movie reflected on the book very well. It's the way the scenery was created and it really captured the essence of the book, with the costumes, technology and showing how far you have to go in order to survive. This film was about a game of survival. It was so sad the way Rue died :( her and Katniss was building a new friendship, and it seemed really sweet, even though one them had to die anyway. I don’t have much to say about the film, other than I thought it was good. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing as Katniss! I really liked how she portrayed Katniss, as strong, independent, fierce and definitely a survivor. 

I have to say that I prefer the film to the book because it’s visual, I can understand what’s going on, since I had a lack of imagination whilst reading the book.

I am currently having a lack for imagination for the Lightning Thief :|

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