Final Touch Nut Cracker & Dish Set
  • Drosselmeyer Nut Cracker
    Designed and made in Sweden, the Drosselmeyer nut cracker requires minimal exertion when cracking nuts. The nut cracker is designed to reduce the mess of spraying shell bits and can accommodate any size nut. The entire assembly is easily detachable for simple cleaning and maintenance. This product is made of died cast iron, which is the most energy-efficient production process, and is 100% recyclable. This hand-held device has a double-lever action and a container to collect the shells. The award-winning design is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market. It is quick to use and quicker to clean.
  • Rösle® Nutcracker
    This elegant nutcracker’s angled teeth grip nuts firmly, preventing them from slipping. Because pressure is exerted solely by the teeth, the shell can be cracked open without damaging the nut inside. The rounded handles are comfortable to hold, and the tool’s weight is perfectly balanced for ease of use. Manufacturer: Rösle. Care: Hand wash. Dimensions: 7¾" l. Material: 18/10 stainless steel. Warranty: Lifetime warranty. Made in China.
  • Crate & Barrel Zyliss® Seafood-Nut Cracker
    Crack open delicious foods with tough shells using this smart gadget with sharp teeth and a range of openings that conforms to everything from smaller nuts to big, juicy lobster claws. Plastic and stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe. Made in China.
  • Garden Trading Wooden Nutcracker
    Material: beech & stainless steel. Dimensions: H6xW16.5xD7.5cm. Sleek design. Strong stainless steel grip. Comfortable beech handle. More accessories from Garden Trading available.
  • GO Home Ltd White Bark Nutcracker
    Shelling is elegant with GO Home's nutcracker, crafted from shining sterling silver and white-washed wood. A melding of industrial and organic materials, it can be used to enjoy pecans and hazelnuts, and even to crack the shells of crab or lobster. Bon appetit! Stainless steel / white-washed wood. 7.5" L.
  • Neutral & Black
    Styling idea
  • GO Home Ltd Bamboo Nutcracker
    Shelling is elegant with GO Home's nutcracker, crafted from shining sterling silver and fast-growing bamboo. A melding of industrial and organic materials, it can be used to enjoy pecans and hazelnuts, and even to crack the shells of crab or lobster. Bon appetit! Stainless steel / bamboo. 7.75" L.
  • Final Touch Silicone Ice Ball Moulds - Set of 2
    These easy-to-use moulds create cocktail-saving frozen spheres that melt more slowly than traditional ice cubes, so drinks stay colder, longer. The durable silicone mould has an easy-to-see fill line and can be frozen with add water, fruit pieces or even food colouring for a custom chill. The silicone mould is dishwasher safe. Set of 2. 2” Diameter.
  • Eichholtz Baron Nut Cracker
    Who says that form has to follow function. In this case the Eichholtz Baron nut cracker does exactly the opposite whilst remaining a very useful object. This equestrian inspired stylish stirrup shaped nut cracker is made from shiny nickel with a contrasting brass handle in the shape of a snaffle bit from a horses mouth, looking great even when not in use. Simply manually screw the handle down to clasp and open all sorts of nuts for dinner parties or a quick snack.
  • Final Touch Square Ice Moulds - 2"
    A great way to serve ice cubes at any gathering, this quick-release silicone mould makes four 2” ice cubes! Freeze them with food colouring for brightly fun cubes. Silicone mould is dishwasher safe.
    • Penny's Kitchen Apron
    • Sunbeam Air Popper Popcorn Maker
    • The Ten Best Salt and Pepper Mills
    • Wilkinson Wooden Chopping Board Heart Shaped
  • OXO Rolling Pin
    With comfortable, contoured handles that are raised to keep hands and knuckles from hitting countertops and a non-stick surface for easy clean-up, this rolling pin from OXO makes pie crusts and cookie dough a cinch. Polypropylene/steel. Dishwasher safe. Imported. Hole in handle for easy storage on pot rack or hook. Handles are specially weighted to keep them in the raised position when pin is in use.
  • Final Touch Silicone Mould Ice Shots
    A great way to serve shooters at any gathering, this quick-release silicone mould makes four 1.5-oz ice shot glasses. Freeze them with food colouring for brightly fun shooters. Silicone mould is dishwasher safe.
  • Microplane® Better Box Grater
    This multi-purpose grater easily shreds, grates and slices your foods. Includes four different blades for desired results: extra coarse for soft cheeses; medium ribbon for chocolate, cheeses, nuts and more; slicer for cucumbers, carrots and zucchini; and a removable zester for hard cheeses and citrus fruits. Comes with a hard plastic cover for protection and storage.
  • Final Touch Digital Slim Scale w/ Stainless Steel Base
    The perfect compact, all purpose digital kitchen scale. It is slim and foldable - compact for storing and everyday use. It is digital and electronic, so no mechanical measurements are necessary. It weighs in 2 formats, so no conversion or guessing required. Includes the handy Tara Measurement - this allows you to first weigh the ingredient holder (such as a bowl or plate); then as you add ingredients, it displays the "ingredient only weight". Also includes a clock and countdown timer. Stainless steel stand. Weighs up to 3 kg or 6.6-Pound capacity. Features include: Slim and foldable digital scale. Tara measurement feature. Clock and countdown timer. Overload/low power indication light. Dimensions: 3.94″ x 2.95″ x 5.91″.
  • Salter® Bamboo Kitchen Scale
    Weigh dry and liquid ingredients in style with the eco-friendly bamboo weighing surface. Scale has an 11-lb. capacity with 0.1-oz. increments. Great for measuring cheese, nuts or portion controls. The oversized digital blue-lit screen allows for clear reading. Slim and sleek design allows for easy countertop storage or cupboard storage. Features add and weight electronic tare features and an auto or manual shut-off. Touch-sensitive buttons. Includes two lithium batteries.
  • Georg Jensen Nutcracker & Bowl Set
    Designed by Rebecca Uth for Georg Jensen, this finely crafted wooden bowl and nutcracker set lends rustic refinement to any display. Oak; stainless steel. Hand wash. Imported. Bowl is 7.4" D; nutcracker is 9.4" L.
  • Stainless-Steel Restaurant Mixing Bowls, Set of 5
    Professional chefs rely on these shallow, lightweight steel bowls for mixing, tossing and holding ingredients. Our five-piece set offers an excellent value. Made of quality, thick-gauge stainless steel with a brushed satin finish. Sturdy yet lightweight construction is ideal for everyday mixing and tossing. Rolled rims for easy pouring. Nest for compact storage. Freezer and dishwasher safe. Set of five bowls from 1- to 5-qt. capacity. Made in China.
  • Menu Nutcracker
    Menu nutcracker makes cracking even the hardest nut fun and easy. The unique design makes it equally easy to use. Just place the nut on the metal plate and cover it with the rubber dome. Give the dome a light tap and the nut will be ready to eat, with the shell cleanly removed and ready to be thrown in the bin. The solid stainless steel base, domed top in black rubber and non-slip rubber bottom to protect against scratched table tops, all bear witness to attention-to-detail for appearance, quality and practicality. But the real genius of this nutcracker is the ribbed metal fitting on the underside of the dome that ensures that only a light tap is needed to split the shell. Manufacturer: Menu. Design: Bruno Christesen. Size: Height: 8 cm Diameter: 10 cm. Material: Stainless steel, rubber, plastic.
  • Large Blue Robot Nutcracker
    In the future robots will fulfil all manner of helpful tasks around the home… the future has arrived with these vintage looking wind-up robots whose specialist task is to crack open nuts. Place a nut inside the robot's belly and twist the key to crack open the shell.Robot Nut Crackers are easy to use and will break into any nut, from the smallest hazelnut to the toughest walnut. Your new best friend is made from solid beech wood and finished with a gleaming retro paint-job. Beech Wood. Dimensions: 34cm x 13cm.
  • Dial-A-Slice Apple Divider
    Unlike most apple slicers, this tool produces two sizes of uniformly sliced apples. With a downward push, it cores an apple and cuts it into thin slices for use in baking and cooking, or thicker wedges for eating out of hand. Stainless-steel blades cut apples into 16 thin slices or 8 thick wedges. Soft handles provide a comfortable nonslip grip. Includes a safety cap for storage.
  • Round Cookie Cutter Set
    Perfectly round cookies are one of America’s culinary treasures. Our tin-plated steel cookie cutters have sharp rims that slice perfect cookies every time, and they’re also useful for many baking tasks. Set of 11 polished tin-plated steel cutters in graduated sizes from 1 1/2" to 4 1/4" diam. Sharp rims slice evenly through soft, sticky dough. Ideal for making neat circles of cookie or pastry dough for linzer cookies or doughnuts. Nest for storage.
  • Crate & Barrel Egg Ring
    Fry up a special breakfast or brunch treat with this clever egg ring. Add a professional touch to home-cooked egg dishes. Cold-rolled steel. Nonstick finish. Handle folds for compact storage. Made in China.
  • Tom Dixon Cast nutcracker
    Cast is a rounded nutcracker that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Cast nutcracker is manufactured in cast iron and finished with a black powder coating for supreme durability. Manufacturer: Tom Dixon. Design: Tom Dixon. Size: Diameter 45 mm, height 150 mm. Material: Cast iron, brass. Color: Black.
  • OXO Food Mill
    The food mill is the tool of choice for controlling the texture of pureed foods. With a polished stainless-steel interior and white enameled-steel exterior, this one features three different-sized discs for producing perfect mashed potatoes, applesauce, baby food and more. Includes three discs for fine-, medium- and coarse-grained purees. Simple spring-loaded lever for easy disc exchange and disassembly. Fits securely over vessels up to 11" in diameter. Soft ergonomic handles provide a comfortable nonslip grip. Arms fold for compact storage. Constructed of dishwasher-safe steel.
  • Williams-Sonoma Stainless-Steel Prep Serve Ladle
    We designed and developed our exclusive line of stainless-steel kitchen tools by drawing upon more than 50 years of culinary experience. Crafted of heavy-gauge steel, these professional-quality utensils are ergonomically designed to ensure excellent balance and precise control'for a difference you can really feel in your hand. Our petite ladle has a pleasing weight, and with a gleaming polished finish, it's handsome enough for table service. Our Prep Serve collection is perfectly sized for both preparing and serving your favorite meals. Designed and developed by Williams-Sonoma, and exclusively ours. Made of nonreactive 18/10 stainless steel with a polished finish. Weighted, ergonomic handle offers optimal balance, comfort and feel. Dishwasher safe. 2-oz. ladle: 11" long. Made in China.
  • Onyx Stainless-Steel Ice Cube Tray
    This lever-style ice cube tray harks back to a classic 1950s design. Stainless steel is durable and makes for quick freezing of cubes, and it's a more environmentally and home-healthy choice than plastic trays. Sturdy 18/8 stainless steel. Makes 18 ice cubes. Nonporous material will not absorb freezer odors. BPA-free. Nonreactive steel can be used to freeze fruit or vegetable juice cubes and portions of baby food. Dishwasher safe.
  • Joseph Joseph 100 Collection Cut & Carve Board
    Polypropylene/18/8 stainless steel/TPE. Dishwasher safe. Imported. 14.5" L x 11.5" W x 1" thick. Angled surfaces and easy-pour corners neatly collection liquids. Iintegral meat grip for carving roasts. Brushed stainless steel edge and non-slip feet.