We Got Married
Joon’s POV

“Noona’s house?” I saw Jaekyung’s sign on the fridge.“Ah, this won’t do.”
I grabbed a marker from the table and wrote a better sign on the back.
“JooKyung’s house!” I said after putting the sign back.

While Jaekyung was in the other room unpacking some things into our new apartment, I went ahead to investigate what other things she could have messed with already.

“What’s this?” I said when I looked inside the fridge. There were soju bottles all marked with notes that have ‘Jaekyung’ written all over. “Uwa. She’s really stingy.”
I grabbed a soju bottle and quietly opened it. “Everyone, I’m doing this as a lesson for Jaekyung to be a better wife. Jaekyung-ssi, saranghaeyo!~” I winked to the camera and took a sip of the soju.

My peaceful time with Jaekyung’s soju was quickly interrupted by a loud thud from the bedroom. I quickly put the drink back in the fridge and rush over to the room.

“MY THINGS!” I shouted when I saw my suitcase on the floor. Jaekyung must have pushed it off the bed.
“Sorry. It was in the way of my bed.”
“Your bed?? I thought this was OUR bed?”
“No.. I’m pretty sure this is mine...”
“Wah, jinjja.” I really couldn’t break through that cold surface of hers.

As soon as she turned her back I immediately jumped on the bed.
“MWO YA!?”
“What?” I spread my arms across the bed. “Husbands and wives are supposed to share!”
Jaekyung gave me an evil glare. “Whatever, I wasn’t planning on sleeping yet anyway.”
“Ya, you really have no fun.”
“What did you say?” She looked surprised.
“This is only a show and you are not even trying to pretend to enjoy this.”
I watched as Jaekyung’s face softened. Finally, I got her!

Jaekyung’s POV

Pretend? Is that what he’s been doing this whole time we’ve been a couple? And here I thought he really liked me.
“Well, I know how to have fun.” I defended myself.
“Prove it.”
“Fine! I will!” I stomped my foot. “Invite the MBLAQ boys! We’re having a house warming party right here, right now!”
“Jinjja?!” Joon jumped up with joy.
“Yes. Invite them.” I hoped to please the viewers now. And as an added bonus, Mir will be here. Finally I’ll have some fun on this show.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Soon the boys arrived with food for us to eat.
“Nooona!” The sound of Mir’s cries made my heart shake.
“Ya, ya, ya!” Joon quickly stopped Mir from hugging me.
“Jaekyung-ssi. Do you mind if we have some of your soju?” G.O asked.
“Sure, go ahead.”
“Who’s opened bottle is this?” Seungho pulled a bottle out from the fridge.
“YA!” I turned to Joon. “YOU STOLE MY SOJU?!”
“Bu-bu-- you’re letting everyone else have some!” Joon whined.
“Wahh, hyung. That’s not very husband-like of you.” Cheondung said.
“Ya. Why is everyone against me?!” Joon shouted.

A few drinks, laughs, and silly dances later. We were... still drinking.

Joon’s POV

Cheondung and I were the only ones not drinking. Well, I had that one bottle but, that didn’t make me feel tipsy like everyone else.
“Doongie. Have a drink with nooooona!” Jaekyung said for the 3rd time.
“I’m fine.” Cheondung laughed shyly. “Why aren’t you drinking hyung?”
“I have to be the responsible spouse.” I said to him. “I don’t want Jaekyung to get into any trouble.”
“Let’s have another drink!” Seungho said once again.
Seungho, G.O, Mir, and Jaekyung clinked their glasses and drank another shot.
“Wow, Mir. You sure have a strong liver for a maknae.” Mir giggled when Jaekyung poked his stomach.
“Okay! I think everyone’s done drinking here!” I shouted. I couldn’t handle seeing these animals drink anymore.
“Wait, just one more drink. Let’s have another drink!” Seungho said.“I’m so sorry Joon. Are you upset at us? I think we drank too much. I’m so sorry everyone!” G.O started rambling.
“Isn’t he cute when he’s drunk?” Seungho pinched G.O’s cheek.
“I think Mir is cute when he’s drunk.” Jaekyung leaned in to kiss Mir’s face.

“YA, Cheondung!” I panicked. “Help me pull everyone away from each other!”
Cheondung held Mir while I pulled Jaekyung away from him.
“What are you doing?!?!? You said you were only pretending! Aish, it’s just a show!”
“I’m taking you to your bed.” I told Jaekyung as I carried her to the bedroom.
“Our bed!” She corrected me. Wait.. she really said ‘our bed?’

“Hyung.” Cheondung came in the bedroom with us. “G.O fell asleep and Seungho is laughing at Mir dancing to ‘Roly Poly’. What do I do?” Cheondung asked when he came in the room.
“Try getting everyone to sleep.” I said.
“But I’m not tired.” Jaekyung said.
“Just try getting some sleep.” I told her. “And look, you get the whole bed to yourself!”
“But I want someone else..”“Who? Me?”
“Mir...you.. babo.” She slowly closed her eyes.
“Oh Mir, of course. Not the person who has been helping you all this time..”
Jaekyung didn’t respond. She must have fallen asleep.

“Well that was easy. Everyone just fell fast asleep.” Cheondung said when he came back in the room.
“Good.” I stood up from the bed. “Sorry this party had to end like this.”
“I sure can’t wait to see the next episode of WGM.” Cheondung joked.
“No way are they going to show all this.” I laughed. “Thanks for helping me by the way.”
“You’re welcome hyung. And don’t worry too much about Jaekyung. Just give her a little more time and I’m sure she will like you too.”
“I hope you’re right. I really do.”

Thanks for reading. I felt the need to show more of Joon's side in this little relationship. ^^

I also kind of feel weird after making this set because the MBLAQ boys probably aren't having a fun time now that Rain just recently enlisted.. ;_;
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Wrote 5 years ago
Poor Joon :( If only he were the maknae lol (even though he acts like it sometimes :p)
Great story!

Wrote 5 years ago
aww, Joon:)
great story!

Wrote 5 years ago
poor Joonie xD
it looks like the only "normal" couple is mine xD lol :D
great story ^^
(I spotted some Seungho-G.O moment :P)

Wrote 5 years ago
hahaha, great story!! XD


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