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It doesn't matter how much weight you want to lose--if you're trying to drop 10 or 100 pounds; this plan is foolproof. You won't gain weight; except some muscle which everyone needs to be fit & toned.

The only catch is; it's NOT a quick fix.

This is a lifestyle change. This is not some diet telling you to stay away from this food group; or never eat that food; or only do this type of exercise. The whole point of this plan is to live healthfully; naturally; & holistically. Live the way your body was naturally designed to live; & you will be slim; healthy; & in GREAT shape.

The main idea of this plan is not to count numbers & calories & percentages; but to eat a NATURAL diet. The only foods I would tell you to avoid are processed ones. Foods that are filled with preservatives. Foods that come in bright wrappers with 100 ingredients; 50 of which you don’t know how to pronounce. If your grandparents weren’t eating it when they were your age, try to avoid it. Not only do processed foods make you gain weight; but they also make you feel tired; anxious; sluggish; irritable; & foggy. Our bodies weren’t designed to deal with artificially processed foods; so these foods ALWAYS are stored as fat, never as muscle. They affect your mood & your weight negatively, so keep that in mind before you reach for that donut or that cookie. Now, here’s what you SHOULD be eating…

Fruits; vegetables; & lean meats (turkey & chicken) should make up the core of your diet. They are filling; & are packed with every vitamin & mineral under the sun. (If you're a vegetarian/vegan; replace lean meats with nuts; legumes; & soy products such as tofu.) Most vegetables & fruits contain FIBER; which is extremely important in weight loss. It stimulates your metabolism & helps your body burn calories faster. Make sure you get a good amount of fiber at each meal. Try to incorporate fruit; vegetables; or both into every meal you eat.

Although complex carbohydrates (whole wheat; brown rice; etc) are healthy and can nourish your body with fiber & several vitamins; carbohydrates are actually not needed in a healthy diet. 

Taken from an essay on Macronutrients:
"The only macronutrient we don’t need to consume is carbohydrate. There are some cells in the body that are unable to burn anything but glucose, but it is possible to make all of it from protein and fat in a process called gluconeogenesis. There is really no need at all for dietary carbohydrates and there have been healthy populations in the world who lived almost completely without them."

That isn't to say that you should never eat carbs; but your body doesn't NEED them to function. Carbohydrates tend to slow you down & make you feel sluggish; & if you perform physical activity within a few hours of eating them; you're likely to get cramps. So if you are going to consume carbs; pick something healthy & portion-controlled. 
Examples: a spinach wrap with turkey; lettuce & tomatoes instead of a sandwich. A small bowl of whole wheat Cheerios instead of a big bowl of the regular kind.

Dairy is also important for some vital nutrients such as calcium & vitamin D; but it should not be the core of your diet & you should work to consume the most fat-free types of dairy (egg whites; skim milk; reduced-fat cheese....if you even eat cheese at all...)

The other major nutrient that contributes to weight loss is Protein. Proteins can be found in many types of food--meat; dairy; nuts & legumes. Protein is the building block of muscle & the more muscle you have; the more calories your body will burn per day.

The average teen girl at average height (5'4) will burn about 1500 calories per day; just by existing. This is your Basal Metabolic Rate; & it can be calculated with a quick Google search for BMR calculators (:
You can raise your BMR by building muscle; & protein is very important in order to do this.

Now, what about liquids? Drink A LOT of water. That 64-ounce statistic is not bullshit—water flushes out toxins and chemicals in your body, and helps fire up your metabolism. Also; if you chug a glass or bottle of water; it will trick your stomach into thinking it’s full. If you feel like you’re going to pig out at a meal; make sure to drink a lot of water beforehand (:

EXERCISE: This is very important. In order to stay thin & toned; you should ideally be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. It’s hard to find the time to exercise; with our busy schedules nowadays; but you can’t lose weight without it. Go for a walk for 30 minutes; listening to your iPod. Do a Pilates or Yoga video. Clean your room for half an hour. 

I am a very busy college sophomore and I manage to find between 1-2 hours every day to exercise. I usually go for a walk around town for an hour; then I hit the gym & jog/run for another hour. High school schedules are a lot less flexible than college ones; but I can guarantee you; there is time to do this.

Besides the obvious benefits of weight loss; exercise makes you feel energized; motivated; & focused. I like to write papers after I go for a run because I get that “runner’s high” & it makes me get hyped up & in the zone to write my paper. 

As far as what types of exercises you choose; I will be making a set on this later; but doing different types of cardio is very important in working your legs & stomach; which are the usual problem areas for weight loss. Speed-walking/power walking (walking at 4.5-5.0 on the treadmill) really works your butt & thighs; & running contributes to an overall slim physique. 

These are my tips for now. I’m gonna make sets later on food/recipe ideas; exercise ideas; & motivation. I have been following this plan & I have been consistently losing weight; but it takes time. DO NOT give up because you aren’t seeing results right away. As opposed to crash diets & starvation; which do work quickly (I’ve lost 2 pounds per day by some of these methods) where the weight doesn’t last; your energy level runs dry; & you feel like shit all the time…this method of healthy & holistic diet & exercise will allow for a gradual but permanent weight loss & lifestyle change. 

Instead of trying to be the 80-pound bony supermodel type with zero muscle; aim to be the toned; fit; healthy; glowing; slim girl who can run 8 miles without stopping (;
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