ll Diamonds- Rihanna ll
"So shine bright, tonight, you and I, we're beautiful, like diamonds in the sky," Rihanna's voice blasts from my iPhone and I pick it up. It's Mike. I smile. I put his number in my cellphone the second I got home, but this was the first time it rang since I met him that one day at the mall a week ago.

"Hello?" I ask, setting the curling iron down. I was about to just finish off my hair, but this was much more important… well… to me at least. 

"Hey, Delia, it's Mike," He says, his deep voice coming through the speaker, my cheeks blushing at the sound of his voice. 

"Hey, what's up?" I ask, as I lean back, biting my lip. I would definitely have to edit this part out of the video. I wouldn't want a thousand comments asking who I was biting my lip for. 

"Nothing much… I was just wondering if you were doing anything tonight?" 

"Well… I actually am, I have this thing to go to, but I am free afterwards," I say, crossing my fingers and hoping that he'd be okay going out late. The party wouldn't end until maybe around ten… but we could definitely do something afterwards… hopefully. 

"What time do you think you'll be done by?"

"Ten." I bite my lip harder. "Too late?" 

"Not at all!" He says and I can tell he smiling. "Sounds good to me." 

"Where should we meet?" I ask. 

"How about we meet outside Kodak Theatre? We can just take a walk and talk." 

"Sounds great to me," I chuckle. "See you then."

"See you then," He says before it clicks, ending the conversation. 

I smile, setting my phone down and then picking up the curling iron once again.

"One, two, three, for, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten," I count silently to myself as I sit before my vanity, the mirror's lights illuminated as I release the clamp from my hair, letting the last curl fall into a perfect ringlet. The camera's blinking red light reminds me I'm filming so I put on a smile. Sometimes I forget I'm even on camera. It's become such routine, a part of everyday life, I seem to forget sometimes. I run my manicured fingers through the uniform curls, loosening them up and allowing them to fall into sexy tousles. They fall, cascading down my silk robe covered shoulder, shiny and silky. 

My makeup was done, my hair was done, I was nearly read to go. I just needed to get dressed and film a quick intro for a video and that was it. I recorded my hair and makeup, now to just get dressed. "Be right back," I smile with a wink as I hop off my vanity's stool, heading towards my closet. There, my dress for tonight's event is hung up in a dress bag so it'll be free of any contamination from the outside world (basically, no cat is going to touch this baby.) 

I release the silk tie of my robe, letting it fall to the floor. I already have my matching bra and panties on (for good luck!) and I carefully unzip the dress, removing it and slipping it over my head, the leather material the softest I've ever felt. I look in the floor length mirror, admiring the short dress. It comes up far above my knee, and can be considered 'sl*tty' to some people, but to me, it's perfect. I grab my clutch, pre filled with everything I need, and my shoes, then heading back to my bedroom. 

I'll have to spend a h*ll of a lot of time editing this, but it'll be worth it. I told my subscribers of how excited I was about this YouTube dinner I was invited to. They asked for pictures and such so, why not just make a whole video about it? 
I sit down on my vanity stool, clearing my throat and getting ready for the intro. "Hey guys!" I smile, looking at the camera, right into the lens. "So, I talked to you about how YouTube invited me to this dinner for all the YouTubers in L.A, and I'm so excited about this. Anyways, you guys asked for some pictures, but I figured why not just do a 'get ready with me' video instead? So, I just filmed my hair and makeup, so if you want to see that, along with my outfit, just keep on watching!" I smile. 

I adjust my camera, making it zoom outwards until it can perfectly fit my lengthy body in the frame. I smile, posing in my dress. I didn't feel like talking and explaining. I didn't even explain my hair and makeup either, so why should I explain my dress? I then hold up my shoes, showing the Louboutins from all the angles. I grab my clutch showing it before smiling and blowing a kiss good-bye. 
I'd probably add some pictures from the event in there at the end and whatnot, spice it up with some music and some killer editing. 

I turn my camera off. I'd import the footage to my laptop later. I was probably running late already. I strap my heels on, grab my clutch and put on a final coat of my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and I'm good to go. I twist my YSL ring around my fingers anxiously as I step into the elevator, heading down into the lobby of my building. Once it lets out, I walk across the lobby, saying hello to whoever's at the front desk and heading for the valet, where, for once, my car is there in a record time. 

I was excited for this event, I really was. But I was also nervous. I had met a few YouTubers at random occasions, like IMATS and things, but this was different. This just wasn't beauty gurus. This would be for the YouTube elite… the ones who posted God knows what and instantly got a million hits. I really didn't feel worthy enough of even basking in their presence. But if I was invited, I must be good enough… right? 

I arrive at the event. It was being held in the ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel. It was called the Blossom Room, an elaborate ballroom with high ceilings and glamour all around. Or so I've heard, anyways. 
"Name?" The guy at the front of the party asks. He's holding a clipboard listing all the names of the guests invited. "Delia Boudreaux," I answer. 

"Welcome in, miss Delia. Have a nice night," He says, signaling for me to go in while handing me a card. I head inside, where the party is kinda in full swing. People are talking and socializing while waiters are sweeping around the room with trays of champagne and many fruity drinks. I immediately recognize some YouTubers, some of the more famous ones. There's girls like Jenna Marbles there, as well as some guys like Kingsley, the infamous ranter. 

I don't even know where to go. I guess I should look at this card. I look down on it. Delia Bodreaux, it reads, table 21. I look around the ballroom, finall walking amongst the tables and finding table 21. The name cards are set up and I take my seat. I'm such a loser… sitting here alone at a table, with no one to talk to.

"Table 21?" A somewhat familiar voice asks and I look up to see a pretty, dark haired girl. She has to be a few years older than me, but she looks familiar. 

I nod, "Yep," I answer as I then stand up for a second, taking a glass of champagne off a passing waiter's tray. 

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" The girl raises an eyebrow slightly, asking innocently and I blush, shrugging my shoulders and taking a sip. 
I was too young, in all technicality. But here in L.A., I got what I wanted when it came to YouTube parties. To everyone else, I was an adult, one who could handle alcohol. 

"I'm sorry, but you look familiar, what's your name?" I ask. 

"Bambi Fonseca," She answers. 

I smile wide, realizing that I do know this girl. Well, I've never met her in person, but from YouTube, I do. I watch her videos. I'm subscribed to her for God's sake… how could I /not/ remember her?! "Oh, I watch your videos!" I exclaim with a giggle, as I stand tall, shifting my champagne flute to the other hand and setting my clutch on the table. 

"I'm Delia," I smile, extending one hand and waiting for her to shake it. 

She nods, "I thought the red hair looked familiar… deliasdoseofglitter, right?" 

I nod, "That's me!" I chuckle. "You watch my videos?" 

Now, it's her turn to nod once more, "Mhm! I love your reviews. Probably the most honest you'll come by in the beauty community," 

"Thanks," I smile, as I then grab my champagne flute, taking a sip. "I never knew you lived in L.A.," I smile. "It's good to know of course… sometimes I feel like I'm the only one." 

"Yeah… I don't get out much," She smiles thoughtfully. "It's amazing how a city can feel like that, isn't it?" 

"It is," I agree. "Like you're all alone out there, you're on your own in this shark tank," I muse taking a sip of bubbling champagne while thinking thoughtfully.

"Exactly!" She smiles lightly. "I always thought that maybe I was the only one that felt like that." 

"Trust me," I giggle, finishing off my champagne. "You're not alone… I was so lost moving here. I'm still lost… I guess I'lll just find my way though?" I jiggle my empty flute. "Wanna go to the bar and get a drink with me?"

"Sure," She smiles as we walk to the bar, through the crowd of people. People have pretty much stuck to their basic cliques. I recognize some famous beauty gurus chatting amongst themselves, and then there's guys like Kingsley and Tyler Oakley talking to each other. 

We make it to the bar that's been set up. I set down my empty champagne flute, looking to the bartender. "Can I get a martini?" I ask with a smile. 

"Aren't you a bit young?" 

I roll my eyes, "Do I look like I'm too young?" I smile. "I mean, I must be old enough if I'm here, right?" 

He looks me over and I tilt my head to the side, letting my sexy waves fall, my eyes looking into his while I raise a perfectly ward eyebrow. 
He says nothing, instead, turning to Bambi, "I'll just have Coke with vodka," 

He turns around, going to making the drinks. "Hm, good move," Bambi says and I smile at her, then watching as he slides us the drinks. 

I take the martini, smiling, "Thank you!" I call to the guy, even though he is a complete d*ck for even questioning me. But then again, I am young… I look young, so maybe it's better he questioned me. 

Bambi and I lean against the bar, looking at the scene before us. People are talking, drinking, and a DJ is playing mainstream music, but not too loud (thank God.) 
"It's kinda surreal being here, isn't it?" I muse randomly. For a second, I'm not even sure if I'm really speaking to Bambi, but more so to myself. I never thought I would end up here. I never thought I would get this far. Not after completely abandoning my channel and taking off. I never thought I could repay my subscribers, but I basically did… and it's kinda amazing. Knowing that without them, I really wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't even have lasted this long. 

"It is… I never thought I'd move to L.A., all for my YouTube career," Bambi says. 

I nod, "I never even thought I'd have a YouTube career… I never thought I'd get this far," I say quietly, taking a sip of my martini, the cool alcohol pouring down my throat like it has so many times before. 

"Me too…" She agrees. "It's weird… it's like our whole lives were made for this. We were made to move to L.A., we were meant to meet… it all falls into place," 

"Yeah… maybe it is," I say softly. I was always one to believe in fate. I believed people walked into your life for a reason. i thought everything really did happen for a reason. And every person had some sort of a meaning, some sort of a calling in life. 
Ours just happened to be YouTube. 

"So, have you met anyone special since moving to L.A.?" I ask, raising an eyebrow and a mysterious smirk appearing on my baby pink lips. 

"Like… a guy?" Bambi asks before chuckling lightly. "Nah.. not really," She shrugs. "How about you?" She asks. 

I was going to push further… there had to be someone. I mean, Bambi was gorgeous. How could she /not/ have met any cute guys?
"Eh… not really… there's one guy, but…" I sigh, biting my lips. I didn't know how relationships worked almost. I never thought I could really be with anyone. I never thought I was really cut out for that sort of thing anyway. I just can't picture it. I can't picture anyone actually wanting me… someone actually liking me and having such strong, loving feelings. It seemed nearly impossible. It was just one of those things you can't picture happening, ever. Falling in love was just one of those things. It was never a guaranteed that you were going to. Some people imagined it, only to be let down, and some people never even expected it, yet it came and smacked them in the face. 
I know that neither of those scenarios applied to me, of course.

"Ooh, tell!" Bambi smiles. 

A red flush sweeps across my cheeks and right as I'm about to tell her a tiny bit about Mike, two people approach us. One is a guy, with spiked up, dark hair, and the other is a very pretty, petite girl with a smile on her face. They're YouTube famous of course, the infamous, Ingrid (aka missglamorazzi) and Joey, as in Joey Graceffa. I've watched their videos for what seems like forever… since I started making videos, and to be honest, they were partially the ones that inspired my spark in video making. 

I've never met them in person, so I'm quite star struck. I look over to Bambi, trying to catch her expression. She seems kinda in between, partially looking excited, and a part of her keeping cool, calm, and collected. 
For a second, I actually think maybe it's because we're blocking the bar, but they just smile at us, looking happy and cheery- their usual selves.

"Hey," Joey says nonchalantly, a slightly giggle arising. "This may be weird, but we saw you two here, and we love your videos, so we thought we'd come and say hi!" Joey smiles, his high pitched voice sounding really sweet, very sincere. 

"Yeah, I'm Ingrid," Ingrid sticks her hand out. Of course I already know who she is, we all do. But I take it, shaking it lightly. 

"I'm Delia," I smile at her, then shaking Joey's hand. 

"And I'm Bambi," Bambi smiles, shaking both their hands. 

Joey rolls his big, green eyes, "Well, of course we know who you guys are! You guys are like beauty guru royalty!"

I giggle, "Let's not get all Mean Girls now!"

Ingrid laughs, "It's the truth though! You guys are both so amazing," 

"Awh, thank you! You are too!" Bambi grins. 

Joey laughs. "Well, how are you two liking L.A. so far?" 

I shrug, "It's nice… really big and really confusing though," I laugh lightly. 

"Ditto," Bambi smiles.

"Well, if you ever need anything or ever wanna hang out, we're pretty much always available!" Ingrid offers. 

"Tables one through five may now come to the buffet," A deep voice announces over the speakers, the music stopping for a split second. 

"Well, that's us!" Joey smiles. "We'll see you guys around though!" He says before him and Ingrid depart, heading to the buffet for their food. 

"Should we go and sit down?" I smile at Bambi, finishing off my martini. 

"Mhm!" Bambi nods as we walk to table 21, where a few other YouTubers have sat down. There's a few I recognize too. I sit back, taking in another glass of champagne and smiling at the scene around me. I think that this lifestyle will forever just leave me in shock. It's something I'll never really get used to. I'll never stop thinking of how amazing and surreal it is to just be here. I know thousands of aspiring makeup gurus would kill to be in my shoes and I definitely don't want to let this go to waste. 
I just want to sink down, and soak it all in. 
After a delicious dinner and some chatting with more YouTubers, I realize it's ten. Things are winding down now, the music even softer than before, the bar running out of alcohol, and some people leaving, claiming to have work in the morning (when we know that work is basically getting up early and filming a video anyways.) 

I glance at the time on my iPhone and sigh lightly, a small and sweet smile on my face as I look at the text Mike sent me. 'I'm on my way. I'll be waiting!' it reads. 
"I've got to go, Bambi," I smile, turning towards her. 

She was talking and chatting with Elle Fowler, a famous YouTuber who happened to be seated at our table as well. "Aw, leaving so soon?" 

"Haha, very funny," I giggle, "I have somewhere I need to be, but I'll text you tomorrow, okay?" I say to her with a smile before leaning in and hugging her. 
Los Angeles was a lonely place. And for once, it felt good to have a friend. 

She hugs me back, "Bye!" She says with a wave as we break away, pulling apart. 

"Bye!" I call to her as I grab my clutch, walking out of the ballroom and not even looking back. 

I park my call a few blocks down and walk the way to the front of Kodak Theatre, where I see Mike is sitting on a bench, dressed casually, a t-shirt and jeans, yet he looks pretty good. 
"Hey," I smile as I approach him, sitting down on the bench next to him. 

"Woah, you look fancy. You do realize we are just taking a walk, right?" He smiles, grinning cheerily. 

"I knowww," I smile. "I had this thing I had to go to… so… that's the reason," I grin shyly. 

"What was it, if you don't mind me asking," He says while standing up, beginning our walk down the long street. 

"I… well, I make YouTube videos and I actually got invited to that dinner, so… I went," I shrug. 

"Ah YouTube videos… is there anything else I don't know about you?" He asks and I gently hit him with my clutch.

"Trust me, there's loads more, we're just at the beginning!" 

And we were. We were at the beginning of our walk, we were beginning our friendship and possibly beginning so much more. Well… maybe even more than that. The thought of that scared me, of course, but I smiled to myself, looking at the brightly lit city as we walked, reminding myself to take it slow, take it easy, and just see exactly where this beginning may take me.
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