//Maybe I had said, something that was wrong.
Can I make it better, with the lights turned on?//

Sooo, shopping was successful. (: But my mom hates carrying around her purse, so she just brought in her credit card, and when we where at Forever 21 we had to have an ID to purchase, and we were parked on the other side of the mall. So we start walking back to get it, and we realize my mom left her keys in the dressing room, so we had to go back, but they gave them to the manager. So my mom asked her if she could just use the credit card since we where parked all the way on the other side, and she said no and whatever so we where going back THEN WE REALIZED SHE DIDN'T GIVE US THE KEYS. So my mom went back and got them and whatever and she said she'd keep the store open for us because this all happened like, within 10 minutes of the mall closing. And I have aniexty attacks a lot and I was having one right before this all happened because if I'm in a store too long with the music super loud and everything, I have to get out. So that was our little ordeal. But other than that, I got a lot of cute stuff! c:
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