Title :Find the way to back home 
Feels so good song:
M. Hisataakaa - 風の通り道 [even you not understand Japanese just melody]

I just back home in Tokyo last week ago after i spent my days in Seoul such a long time since I was finished bachelor..or since i went to training.

I 've told some of my polyfriends that i was training Engineering project in Seoul ,so tired of mine to back Tokyo-Seoul more than 4 times/month.
sad&happy as the same time to back home.
Thanks friends that really cheer up my days till now.a little thing but I'm so happy from a bottom of my heart.

Actually i got inspired by Tokyo Tower that not special in me,I see it everyday just only symbolize of Tokyo normally and nothing meant to me at all.
suddenly when i back Tokyo i look up to the sky and feels "Oh,Tokyo i missed you" and "So proudly "

My usual day already started ,I feels 6 months ago will coming again that i 'll see you as my night time haha busy as day time wondered why i still heathy ,almost of my polyfriends come here at my night time likes alway but me just changed it.
I can't adapt my self yet ...my day in Tokyo kinda boring study,workshop,baseball training,working my job,come to polyvore lated night repeat everyday cheer up for me to beginning like this again.

This year I'll made it great right?
I think new step turn me to be abnormal already after i complaint myself **Sight**

Thanks for everything that made me feels like this..most of all I'll be represent of me&Steph thanks to gift 12 years our friendship..thanks for specially friendship that you give it to me..I think you know what's I'll say it to you.
Sweetie "Thank you"

--Love you--
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