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Hola amigas! Its Frances @musiclover505! Geez, school is getting worse than better. I still have lots of homework to do. Doesnt help that soccer practice already started. Its from 5:30 to 7 PM. I have to hurry and do my homework before and after practice. I come to school all tired and its not lovely. Grr. 

Back to the tip. I have found some ideas to try when doing your homework. I am trying to not procrastinate this school year. Its gonna be challenging but I can do it. You dont need to do all the ideas but you can do all if you want. Try out some to see which one works best for you. Its
never bad to experiment some new things :)

1. The Snack Idea:
Basically all you need is your homework, homework supplies and some yummy(or healthy) snacks.
Once you correctly solved a homework problem, treat your self to some bites from the snack. The
best snacks for this is M&Ms, gummybears, nuts, mini bite size pretzels. But do any snack that 
works best for you.

2. The Break Idea
Try taking a 5 or 10 minute break every so often so you wont overwork your brain. If you do all 
your homework at once, your head is gonna be so full of the stuff you learned. Try taking small
breaks to give you and your brain a little distraction. Keep an alarm to let you know when to get
back to homework. During the break: do chores, dance a little bit, text a friend, do some yoga 
poses, watch some TV.

3. The Music Idea
Make a playlist on Itunes of songs to listen to while you do homework. It can be calming music or
upbeat music. Listen to music that wont totally distract you from your homework. Make sure to not
listen to your Ipod on a high volume or you may become deaf someday!

4. The Rewarding Idea
After you finish doing your homework each day, treat yourself to do something like paint your nails,
go out with friends to the mall on friday, eat ice cream, play on your iphone, etc. Treating yourself 
after doing something important will make you do the important things more often. 

5. The Level Idea
Lets say you have tons of homework to do. Start with the hardest so you can knock those off first. 
After doing the hard ones, all you do is the easy ones whoch wont take tons of time. I do this and 
it works for mwah. You dont have to stress about doing the hard homework since you already did
them in the first place. :D
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