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Friday was such a nice day. I went to the beach with my parents and it was very relaxing. The wind in your hair, cyclists rushing by you, the waves crashing in, children squealing, the trees shielding the sun... It felt nice. Afterwards we went to Ikea to eat brunch, which was yummy because meatballs>everything ;)

Saturday was a tiring day. My school had an open house and I was there for 8 hours straight, talking to people and being enthusiastic. In the moment, it felt fun since I love talking to people. Giving school tours in an enjoyable thing for me hehe. Plus, there were some people baking chocolate chip muffins, so I made sure that each tour group got to go to the kitchen... That means more muffins for me to eat — yay! :)

Sunday, which is today. It is still in the morning, I can hear the birds chirping. I guess I will go for a walk after this. Last Sunday, I watched Othello. It was a disappointment to me as I felt that Othello should have been more tormented and distressed. Also, the part after Othello died felt awfully long. But, it was a great experience being with my new friends and watching a play in the park! I loved the picnic that we had!

Two fingers in the air — peace out<3

QOTD: Is it tough to buy birthday presents? Why or why not?

PS: Happy birthday to @im-a-daydreamer @fantasy-rose @coldchocolate @bullygrrl! Never lose the drive for excellence! Stay happy, always!
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