I'd like to clear about copied issue 

First off,i never reveal the name of copycats 
so today i'd like to openly say it not just i want all of you get blame [read it below before get mad]
1. @umkkey changing username from kittykatheheart 
2. @katerinasalvatore 
for both of you i said i lets you go i'm not report you and also you already started your own i dont have anything to against you and for @katerinasalvatore you can used any my photographs by you want,i said once i'm glad you like my photographs.

Especially to this person @lifeisonlyapathfullofefforts i don't know the whole stories from you but from your side stories saying STILL GOT MESSAGES 
what if that from all the hate,rude anything negative about "rainie-minnie said this" I tell you&all people here no one PM me and talk negative thing and me never ever order anyone to come to your page and flag.

WHO? COME TO SAY NEGATIVE THING TO HER JUST LEAVE THIS ISSUE ONLY TO ME&HER like i've said what if anyone curious just come to deal with me do not act like the third person and creating drama ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 

for i tag all of you not just i want you to get blame
because @lifeisonlyapathfullofefforts side stories /PM /receiving the hates
 listen it clearly i'm not anymore to blame all of you.
what if in the future you still got negative PM don't drag me in again. you can tell whoever curious about this said it rainie-minnie said all thing are clear. 

**If in this future i get a copied again from whoever i'll come to report ,tell a bunch of my following to flag you and do anything to kick you out,and since 3 of you are k-pop fans a precious community to me i hope negative not happen again.

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