Today was the day. You marked 12 weeks on your calendar. You were finally going to find out the gender of your baby & Louis couldn't be happier.
"It's gonna be a boy," Louis sassed.
"I think girl," you remarked. 
"How about, if you are right, I'll rub your feet tonight. If I'm right, you rub mine." he implied. You liked the sound of that, your feet had been swollen and hurting lately. 
"DEAL!" You two shook hands. 
**** At the doctor's office***
"Well Mr. & Mrs. Tomlinson, it's a......" she held suspense. 
Louis crossed his fingers & you held your eyes shut, praying for a girl. 
"GIRL!" the doctor chimed. You beamed from ear to ear. 
Louis gathered a shocked look on his face. 
"HAHA!" you laughed. 
"No it's not that," he said, "I've been looking at boy names, now we gotta get a sassy girl name!" he laughed.

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