Hey guyss! It's Taylor! Sorry I haven't been on as much as Renee and Claire.. Busy busy weekend

Okay, so during my weekend I took notice of how much the topic of what I wanted to be when I get out of high school was brought up. I want to be a criminologist just like my fellow tip girl @youvegotthat-1dthing LOVE THAT CHICK. Anyways, unlike me a bunch of people actually HAVE NO CLUE.

But this might actually help you..

>Think about your favorite things that you love to do... is it writing or reading or putting on makeup and taking cute pictures or cooking for fun or going outside and looking at flowers or singing or etc etc etc.

> If you enjoy reading/writing be an AUTHOR. Go for it! Post a bunch of stories on the internet and see how people respond to them, you have plenty of time to have practice! or if you don't really want to do the writing part, then become like a critique that does book reviews! That would be so fun!

>COOKINGGGG, if you enjoy making food, any kind of food, for fun...cooking would be so fun! I am actually considering taking a culinary class just for fun in college because I love to cook! And if that is what I decide to do, which I don't think it will be, but if it is.. then by all means.. I will open up a restaurant and make my own food!

>GARDENING, if you love helping mom pick out flowers/plants for the landscaping of the house or planting them...become a gardener for other people! They make really good money actually cause there are many lazy people nowadays but I love helping my mom outside with the garden and planting flowers on a pretty day.. Its really time consuming and a great way to spend your day outside!

>ACTING If you love movies and acting and being in plays... BECOME AN ACTOR. Radios ALWAYS are having competitions about acting and take some acting classes! Who cares if people think you are weird.. you are living your dream right?! There will always be haters. Stay focused with everything.. practice with your family and stuff.. make it really fun! Do plays at school or in your community because mine does, look into it if you really want to become one...who knows you might be the next Jennifer Lawrence?!

PHOTOGRAPHY> this is for all my beautiful photographers/models. If you love editing pictures, photoshop, taking pictures of others... HELLO BECOME A PHOTOGRAPHER. Photographers get really big because people are always taking senior pics or wedding pics, baptisms, baby pics, christmas, anything! Photographers are really always needed. Okay models.. If you have great fashion, and are photogenic, or just love taking pictures... try some modeling.. I am sure many of you have seen America's Next Top Model... then I don't think I have to explain myself about modeling.

MEDICAL> MEDICAL PEOPLE. My doctors/nurses/therapists anything pertaining to the body really. If you love finding out more about anatomy or the mind or brain or medicine.. please go to medical school. 

DESIGNERS> If you love rearranging your room or your house or buying decorations and stuff... become an interior designer! Interior designers are really really scarce now everything is done online and stuff.. But you can do it to show off houses and then sell them!

okay guys... I think this is long enough... SO SORRY if I didn't help you at all with this please tell me if I didn't put your occupation cause I will gladly help you out!!


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