first 100 things that polyvore gave me, when I searched bvb

I know that not all of them have something to do with bvb

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Wrote three years ago
@iluvgreggsulkin222 I have drawn 2 pictures of Andy, 4 if you count in the chibis, then I have 2 of CC, 4 if you count in the chibis, same with jinxx. I have 3 pictures drawn of Ash, 5 if you count in the chibis and 1 of Jake .-. I have a poster of watic,Ronnie Radke, two MCR posters and 2 Lta posters, one atl poster and one Mitch one. I have one Paramore poster, 1 blink 182. 1 ptv and one with Kellin Quinn. Then I have one with Chris Motionless and Danny (there is a litle Ben Bruce too :3) I have more, but I can't freaking name them .-. Don't really have any botdf ones, cause I don't really like them so much .-.

Wrote three years ago
Good for you @iluvgreggsulkin222 cause I flucking love them too...


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