Tiana rushed around her small apartment, rushing around fixing anything she didn't think was up to par to Naviene's taste. "Honey, stop rushing. I'm sure he'll think everything is wonderful." Tiana's mother says, smiling at her. Tiana just shook her head. "Mama, everything has to be perfect." She sips the gumbo. "More tabasco." She mutters to herself. She finishes fixing everything up just as the doorbell rings. "He's here!" She sings. She fluffs up her hair and slips on her two lucky frog rings. The doorbell rings a second time. "I'm coming! Be patient." Tiana says. She opens the door to the handsomest boy in the whole world. "Naviene! Come in!" Tiana says, smiling. Naviene smiles at Tiana with his shining teeth. "Very nice apartment. The place you vacation in, yes?" He asks. Tiana stiffens. She had forgot that Naviene thought she was rich. The best thing to do was to tell him the truth. "Uhmmm, actually I was wanting to tell you this for a while." She says, twisting her ring around her finger. "Hmmm?" "Uh, I'm actually not rich. This is my mother and I's home. I have to work two jobs after school and Mama works overtime." Tiana says all in one breath. He turns to Tiana. "You're funny, Tiana." "I'm actually......serious." The last part coming out as a sigh. "So, you're not rich?" "No." He looks at her for a while, and then smiles. "You're the first girl to ever tell me the truth about their wealth. For that, I respect you." Naviene says. Tiana smiles at him. "Really? I thought that you-" Naviene interrupts Tiana's sentence by kissing her.

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