hey guys! anna here and as we all know, there comes a time to have a boyfriend, but there's also a time for the first date :) now no need to panic! i got some tips that could help save some stress 

-Pamper yourself! Treat yourself to a nice facial the night before the big day. Prep up your skin so it's hydrated and happy. Make sure your legs and underarms are hair free. Tidy up those brows and if you need to, pluck the upper lip too. Do your nails! Dirty and chipped nails is not a good look. In general, maintain a good hygiene and don't look like a hobo
-Make sure you maintain a healthy diet on the days coming up to the date. Your skin is the direct reflection of your health. Eating lots of junk food can cause unnecessary breakouts and oily skin. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink green tea for skin & body detoxing. 
-Perfume does more than you think. It will have you feeling like a million dollars without you even trying. Scent is one of our strongest senses so smelling pleasant will help to attract your date even more. Just don't over-do the perfume because it can become too overwhelming. My favourite perfume is anything sweet and flowery. I usually just spritz a little on my neck and do the girly thing where you spray out and walk in it :P and that's me ready to go. If you have a little atomizer, you can bring a little perfume on the go with you for touch ups
-Be careful with your choice of foods for the entire day of the date. In general, I would definitely stay away from anything too garlicky because garlic liiiingers on your breath. I would avoid drinking coffee too because coffee breath is not attractive either.
-Bring mints or gum with you to keep your breath minty fresh at all times.
-Smiling is the best form of makeup. It makes you appear more confident, approachable and friendly. So smile when you see him, smile when he's talking and smile smile smile. :)
-If you can, make sure you give yourself lots of time to do your makeup and hair. Plan your outfit so you don't have to worry on the day and have a panic attack. Listen to music while you apply your makeup and really just enjoy the process. It will leave you being more relaxed for the big day :)
-Make sure your choice of outfit is comfortable enough!!! if you wear heels and you normally don't. don't do it, you will be much more worrying on your feet then on the date so instead wear some flats a cute sandals instead of heels.


-Don't be late
-Don't revolve the entire conversation on yourself. It can make you seem conceited. yes do talk about yourself but give him a chance to talk about himself too
-Don't be anti-social by continuously checking your phone. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook updates can wait, the date is more important then some "celebs tweet"
-if you're 21 (or 18 in europe) Don't get drunk, that's the most important thing
-and lastly and very important. BE YOU! don't try and pretend to be someone else, let him get to see the real you, that's all that matters :)

well, that's all folks :P until next time with a new tip!
~anna banana
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