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This is your first date with Niall Horan. You guys met each other at a soccer tournament. He asked you out a few days after the game and you gladly said yes. He said it was a surprise where he was taking you, so he said he'd pick you up and you guys would drive there. When he went to pick you up he immediately put a blind fold on you for the WHOLE car ride. You smelt the fresh air...and ocean water? When he told you to look you gasped as you saw the beautiful beach and carnival on the dock in front of you. You and Niall went straight to some of the games. He won you a stuffed panda bear and after you guys went to go ride the ferris wheel. When you guys were at the top he confessed that he was starting to like you and you gave him a slight peck on the cheek. After the ride you asked if you guys could go out to the beach and watch the sunset. He agreed and took your hand as you guys were walking in the sand barefoot together. You guys found a quiet spot and watched the sunset. He rest your head on his shoulder. Just as the sun was about to set you looked up at Niall and thanked him for one of the best dates you could ever ask for. He smiled and said that he was welcome. You said that the sunset was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. And he said, "I've seen something more beautiful," as he stared into your eyes. You both started to lean and the next thing you know his lips were on yours. After you guys just sat there peering at the gorgeous ocean and dock. The end.
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